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  • morning moments "morning moments" - the absolute best!!!I have loved Diana Gabaldon books. I have read them all over and over. I would say above all books I have ever read her books I love the best. Often times I find when I am bored or driving in the car my mind takes me back to a scene in one of her books. I am an avid reader and have bookshelves upon bookshelves of books. but this book along with the others in the series are my very favorite. Read them you will not regret it!!!
  • Charles Petit - Excellent for the missionaryThis is an invaluable book for travel to the less developed parts of our shared world. I have given several copies to villagers for their empowerment when little medical help was available. As a physician I found the book both readable and accurate and as a priest the concern for the poor was evident and despite my opposition to abortion on the whole I can still recommend it. Chuck Petit+