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  • GonewithBats - Dick Rocks! An Amazing Book that Changed my Outlook on Job Search.I absolutely love this book! It builds your self-esteem and gives you so much positive energy and outlook on finding a job you like. Written by an accomplished career counsellor with great passion for helping people, the Parachute offers a holistic view of the job hunt. You start by identifying the fields that interest you and match it with your favorite skills and other factors (through the flower exercise) to find what you really love doing and start doing it. The greatest thing I learned from this book is to approach the job search with dignity and look at yourself as a valuable resource rather than a job beggar. I feel a much stronger and self-confident job candidate aware of my strengths and potential. Thank you Dick!
  • ~ - ugh great! <3Ugh, OMG it goes without saying... what Lesbian Romance doesn't Radclyffe write well!?!
    (But maybe I am biased, I am in the medical field so here stories suck me right in!) (FYI every bit of medical jargon in her books is accurate.)
    Anyway, I Loved THIS one! And I loved how characters were revisited later, it added to the readers commitment to what they were going through.
  • Robert Scarborough - Wisdom of the ages in story formThe main character in the book Jones, is the embodiment of wisdom in human form. Andy Andrew's books are of that nature. They challenge, motivate, and encourage the reader to be the best that they can be by putting the wisdom and attitude in place that the world we live in is so definitely searching for. That wisdom basically is to do unto others as we would have them do unto us. World problem solved. That would answer all the needs in our world today. Simple isn't it. Please recommend this
    book on your listings as you advertise books on your Internet website. You will be wise if you do. Thanks. Robert Scarborough
  • Iris Sasaki "Iris" - A Great Way to Learn!I am not quite through my CD's, but already love it. This method a introducing th vocabulary and then constantly reintroducing it is so helpful. Also, much is emphasized in pronunciation. I will listen to the whole series at least once more before moving on. It is almost weird how the words stick with me. I'm still slow at speaking, but I know the words!