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  • Daniel L. Sweet "slant" - a true prspective

    Many different books have been written about the ambiguous "mayan Prophecy" about the "Doom and gloom"angle,this book stands out as a true
    study of the Mayan "end of time" scenario, looking at the phenomenon from a different viewpoint.Mr. Pinchbeck takes a look at a myriad number
    of events approaching,not from a doomsday angle, but of forces at work on various movements and events from an angle of enlightenment caused
    by people being brought together,and increasing awareness of a need to come together in the interests of peace-people every where being forced to deal
    with a solution that involves heeding ideas that compel us to work toward peaceful,co-operative standpoint.Of events from many angles,from the star's
    configurations to holistic methods of health and crises that may force people to reason together,and understand that what is happening on all these
    fronts to begin a time of peace,sharing,and honesty about how we treat the world and each other.As the pressures increase,it becomes apparent that much of what will happen is up to us-as spiritual groups and in the individual hearts.These events could cause disaster.Not from earthquakes&floods,but from our own selfishness and isolation.
    Will it it end up in more wars and hatred,or,as quetzalcoatl draws closer,in mutual compassion and support for each other,thus realising that the fate of this world
    is truly,in our hands.So,do we run and hide,or embrace these changes,so we can unite on a deeply spiritual level.
    the many,sometimes subtle events examined could go either way,but its us who will determine the the book-you may find that you are focusing on the wrong
    the author Demonstrates that perhaps we are being forced to give in and support each other in constructive new paradigms that can transform the world for the better,instead of
    freaking out about natural disasters,that are only interpretations by people ruled by fear and paranoia.Give it a read,and ponder.What changes in the world are you focusing
    on.Either way the results will be heavy.Let's just hope we can achieve a united humanity.It's a great study and read about us all.I hope that Quetzalcoatl is proud of what
    he finds when he does get here(I hope he is).So,read it=you'll see.

  • Tracy R - Gave me my life back.

    I am 23 years old and young and naive at the age of 20 I let a doctor stick me on prescription after prescription of antibiotics for chronic bacterial infections over the course of a year and a half or so. I didn't know that I was practically poisoning myself. The medications damaged my skin and after a regiment of three prescriptions on a three week period my body never seemed to be the same. I suffered severe bloating, constipation, and other digestive problems. Even worse, I was still getting infections. I went to several doctors about my bloating and constipation and no one could help me. Some told me to drink more water and other told me to eat more fiber. I knew it was more than that. I did some research and my symptoms lined up with candida perfectly. I immediately stopped taking antibiotics, started on probiotics, and changed my diet. Nothing was helping and I was absolutely miserable. I spent hundreds of dollars on cleanses, enzymes, and probiotics. Some helped slightly but not enough for my to be happy. My uncle finally suggested fivelac and bought me a box. I had been skeptical before that because it had gotten very mixed reviews. I gave it a try and holy crap am I glad I did...I started on one pack a day. It took a week or so but my digestive system started working normally again and my bloating was almost nonexistent! I still have issues here and there, especially if I stop taking the fivelac but I'm always back on track when I start again. Fivelac literally saved my life! Just be patient with it, it works.

  • John Fisher - Why so harsh?!?!

    I don't typically review, however I had to offer my thoughts on this one. I cannot fathom why the recent reviews are so terrible! I am well aware that the game had a horrific launch and that's why I've waited so long to get this, but I've been totally engrossed for the last 20 hours since my purchase. I can only imagine that the game is simply not what people wanted or expected. Taken for what it is, a simulation of a region in which the player builds several small cities that are meant to interact and support one another, it's pretty damned terrific. Reading back, the developers are listening to players and implementing the reasonable feedback. This feels like a crowd-funded title with how open the updates, communications, and design intentions are being shared with the community.
    Of note, I have both a new gaming PC that can run new titles with max settings with no hiccups and the game is stunning and runs flawlessly, however when I load it up on my mid-2009 MacBook Pro running Windows, it looks dreadful even though it does meet the minimum specs. It's clear that there is an enormously complex simulation running behind the scenes that most players aren't considering when they demand larger cities.
    Yes, you do have to be always online to play. But come on, if this is a concern, you need to pick up and move to a populated area or stop trying to play cutting-edge PC games. The developers did post at the end of October that they are working to add an offline mode but have made no promises so far since the entire thing was designed to be always online.
    Again, I'm thrilled with the game and hope that others will give it a chance despite the bashing it's receiving. There's hours upon hours of enjoyment to be had with this latest iteration. Just know going in that it may not be exactly what players of previous titles of the franchise are expecting.

  • Baby Vy - Must have for any parent!

    I love this seat. I take it with me everywhere. I prefer it over the restaurant highchair because I simply do not know the restaurant high chair as been. Great for visits to family and friend's house. I simply attach it to their dining table and the baby is part of the family dinner. Absolutely wonderful and would suggest it for all my friends.