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  • Pinkiez - QUITE POSSIBLY THE BEST MOSCATO EVER!!!My five girlfriends and I have been have been having "Ladies Nite" for about a decade, and drinks are an absolute must. A few years back, someone brought some Moscato and we all raved about it. With all six of us taking turns hosting every third Friday of the month, different brands and kinds of Moscato were sampled and rated. In a scene reminiscent of Goldilocks, some of the drinks were too dry, too sweet, too bitter, or too simple. Ever since then, we've collectively been looking for the perfect bottle. We've tried at least twenty different kinds of Moscato, ranging from the cheapo $6 bottle to the $27 bottle (which was horribly overpriced if you ask me).


    Ohhhhh myyyyyyyyy !!! Finally, here was a drink that made all of us sincerely happy that we are over 21.
    Sweetly seductive, yet wonderfully sophisticated...Saracco is quite possibly THEE best Moscato on the market.
  • GAIL ADAMS - The only thing that workedI tried every product out there for my son from tablets from the doctor to every wash out there and nothing worked. I saw this product and it guaranteed to clear his skin. Im in the uk and had to send to america.For it. Which made it more expensive but It did clear his skin and now his skin looks great So to me it was worth every penny
    beware thou This product will ruin any towel it touches