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  • Shell "equestrian" - Wolf Hall Follow-up. Excellent

    Mantel has an extraordinary talent for immersing the reader in the story; so much so that you feel as if you are right there with the characters, observing unseen, and understanding and seeing everything as the characters do and wanting to take issue with some of what they're doing...almost five hundred years ago! Her eloquent and logical narration make one forget that, although based on some factual evidence, it is not just as it happened. It is a fascinating period of British history that shaped much of the way the world is now. I can't wait for her next book.

  • Jane Doe - READ BEFORE YOU BUY: Not a waste of money! You should of read up first!

    I want to say to all the complainers that said this was a waste of money, THEN WHY DID YOU BUY IT? If you read the website you shouldn't expect accurate results.

    ... The only way to get an accurate baby gender prediction is via a medical test such as an amniocentesis or chorionic villus sampling test...

    ...IntelliGender's Gender Prediction Test(tm) ... a fun pre-birth "experience"...

    ...we recommend parents to wait until the healthcare provider confirms the gender prior to painting the nursery or making any financial or emotional investment...
    ...95% accuracy CAN only be attained at the 20th week of pregnancy...

    ...Mexico-based pharmaceutical company ...tests reflected an accuracy rate of 87.6%...
    ...Australia ... reflecting an overall accuracy rate of 89.55%
    ...the gender prediction test is not required to be and, therefore, is not FDA approved. It is, however, manufactured in an FDA certified facility.

  • S. Parry - The cable that never says die!

    I was particularly interested in the anti-aging properties of this item, so with a quick loop around my neck, I was able to confirm that this cable can indeed slow time as we know it. Unfortunately I have been cursed to live out eternity in the nightmares of others. Tonight, I will be haunting the spirit of Noel Lee of Monster Cable, for getting us all into this mess. He is going to dream that he has awakened to a world where "Monster" is used in the names of all businesses and commercial products. Well, I guess my fate isn't so bad after all. Merry Christmas Mr. Lee! Next up; Amar Bose.

  • Phinneus R. Jackson - A Postmodern Masterpiece

    An unbelievable translation from the original french, A Million Random Digits is the best postmodern literature piece written in the 21st century. The fragmented narrative and themes are consistent and masterfully woven through every of the 600 pages. I cried, even at the ending that seemed to lack all coherency. As the narrator said, in the end, it really is all "1 0 0 1".