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  • J. Fletcher - Recommended as a must read for those who like subjects for discussion.

    This has been a surprise find. I have learned so much from these essays and searched many of the names referenced on the internet. The one that stimulated much discussion in our family was about drugs for depression. There are a variety of subjects included in this collection and each gives pause for reflection or invites research.

  • P. W. M. - This helped me with Irritable Bowel Syndrome

    I have acid reflux, and while on vacation in 2010, I started eatings 5 or 6 tums before bedtime. I believe that I upset the acid balance in my stomach enough that it allowed an undesirable strain of bacteria to flourish in my intestines. Of course it could just be a coincidence, but I never had IBS before. The doctors gave me medicine to stop the pain and quivering sensations in my right lower abdomen, but I credit the diet recommended in this book for getting my intestinal flora back to normal. I don't take any medicine for IBS now. It noticed a difference in 3 weeks after following diet advice mentioned in this book, but you must follow the advice and not cheat! Avoiding the white stuff, like sugar and flour definitely helped me! My IBS would keep me up at night with abdominal pains, but is gone now. I stayed on the diet strictly for about 6 months and then gradually introduced some of the sugars and flours back into my diet. I eat a normal diet now, but I still try to limit sugars and flour when I can.

  • bgassmann - Devastating yet incredible book

    Postapocalyptic stories can often be clichéd, dealing with the same type of characters, unrealistic events and unoriginal futuristic gadgets. Cormac McCarthy could not have done a better job proving this preconception wrong. The Road presents an amazing, yet devastating story in a world that seems so realistic.
    The story is about a father and his son, who remain nameless, on an adventure through the sullen gray remains of earth. Their mission is to follow one road to the coast in hope to find some type of civilization. Along the way, they run into many obstacles mainly consisting of starving nomads desperate for food and water and willing to kill. In order to stay alive, the father and son search any abandoned home, vehicle or warehouse for nutrients and at the least shelter. Survival is one of the toughest struggles for the boy and his father, and continues to be a theme throughout the story.
    McCarthy does an amazing job painting images in the readers head while not being excessively wordy. He creates a completely new world that has been reduced to nothingness. Reading this book is like watching a movie play out in meticulous images, where the words simply fade away and all that is left is content.
    Although The Road is a fictional story taking place in the future, the reality is almost frightening. It is easy to imagine humans actually destroying their own planet. McCarthy does not use quotation marks within the dialogue which can be slightly confusing at first. As a reader, it may be difficult to know who is saying which lines. Although as the story continues, the words flow so well that his unique writing style does even become apparent.
    Overall, The Road is a truly incredible adventure that will grab the audience as soon as the first page is read. It is a very quick read and the pages seem to just fly by. I would recommend this story to anyone who likes survival, and emotionally draining stories.