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  • no name "lioness" - Simply amazing reults!

    This product really works. In minutes after using it all my wrinkles were gone! Even the deepest ones on my forehead. I was thinking of getting a facelift before using this product but Lifecell saved me that. I don't care about the price, it's worth it to look 10 or so years younger. I am 59 and look like I'm in my early 40's after using it just one day! I highly recommend it to any woman who wants to gain back her youth.

  • Iri from Sooke - Eee Transformer Prime

    This tablet is the best android on the market by far.It is ultra fast and so smooth and so responsive. It has the greatest image ,it is so sharp it's unbelievable! The 3 D is remarkable. Gaming with this tablet will get you to another world! If you want to buy something that you will really love to play with then this is it !

  • Harriet Klausner - offbeat wonderful tale

    Offspring of two notorious (infamous on both sides of the Channel) con artists, the sisters Noroit (Marcelline, Sophia and Leonie), own Maison Noroit. By 1835 their London dress shop is growing rapidly but the competition is nasty. Still the siblings think they need one major patron to turn their business into the must fashion stop of the English and French aristocracy.

    Marcelline believes she has just the candidate when she learns the Duke of Clevedon is to marry. She travels to Paris to persuade the Duke in the family's seductive way to send his fiancée Lady Clara Fairfax to Maison Noroit for her wedding gown. Her scheme is perfect as she flirts with the Duke; however, Marcelline soon realizes it is too perfect as the Duke ignores Lady Clara for the dressmaker. As she finds herself falling in love, a cross Channel gender war ignites.

    The keys to this offbeat wonderful tale is the eccentric cast as the Duke realizes his Marcelline does not have a pure dark heart of avarice, but instead has a need to help those she appears to con (just ask Clara) though she has to make nation exits rather quickly. She takes Paris by storm as a "Dreadful DeLucey" and a "Notorious Noroit" who seduces a duke to chase after her. Amusing and filled with wit, pre Victorian romance fans will look forward to a pair of other con artists to follow.

    Harriet Klausner

  • NHOvercomer - Best Calendar Yet!

    Every year whether it's my sister's Birthday or at Christmas, I always give her an Ansel Adams calender. She just totally loves his work. I absolutely had to give this five stars. It's the best one to date (no pun intended). This is the largest and heaviest calendar I've seen. The binding is so well made, it doesn't stick or trip you up when turning the pages. And of course I can't leave this review without saying the photography is breathtaking.

    I gave it five stars because of the craftsmanship & photographs.

    I will definitely buy one again

    I would with out a doubt recommend this to everyone.