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Country: Europe, DE, Germany

  • Liz Muir - Plain language and powerful visuals make concepts easy to grasp

    Persistent low-back pain from decades of slouching at a computer prompted me to purchase my own copy of "8 Steps" and systematically move through the logically sequenced and simply structured lessons. Because I'm a visually oriented learner, I appreciate how the photos and illustrations perfectly reinforce the plain-language instructions. I also like how this book has educated me on the architecture of my body and raised my consciousness of "spine." In fact the most valuable takeaway I've absorbed and put into practice thus far is how very good it feels to consciously lengthen my spine according to Gokhale Method guidelines. A nice mini-supplement to this book is the free "Positive Stance" e-newsletter, which I signed up for at the Gokhale Method website. The newsletter offers helpful reminders and reinforcement, including links to short video demonstrations of selected exercises presented in this genuinely helpful book.

  • D. - The only thing that works

    This once a day little pill (and sometimes you can just take it every other day) balances your girly parts the way they should be and all that other mumbo jumbo you read about telling you all the other stuff you need to buy and do and not do, as well as costly doctor visits where they just want to stick you with the general scrip for antibiotics (which cause all new problems) can not only be ignored, but forgotten. 30 bucks a month is WELL worth it.

  • JH "hobbs_tx" - No Complaints

    Norton seems to be working fine for me. I have no issues with Internet Explorer or Outlook. I haven't noticed any increased crashing on my computer even while playing games. Installation time was very reasonable and quicker than McAfee. I switched from McAfee Antivirus Plus 2012 - 3 Users [Old Version]. When I did my first check, Norton identified a virus on my wife's laptop that was removed. Norton 360 has lots of little features, more than I'll probably use.

  • poshjunkie - Unbelievable, worthi it!

    Let me start by saying that my husband and I have been trying for over 9 months. We have tried using Maca,pre-seed and everything else natural to help get us pregnant. Month after month of false pregnancy tests I decided to search every website I could to see if ANYTHING was helping people get pregnant naturally. I came across the website for this product and read many many reviews. I am happy to say that after trying for 1 month I am officially 4 weeks pregnant today! Now I will say that I did get the pills for both my husband and myself. Who is to say if it was the pills, timing or an act of God,but the only thing we have done differently is take these pills. So, its a small price to pay for a HUGE victory!

  • Patrick Flynn "Patrick Flynn" - mamaRoo - the ultimate baby stimulation simulation seat/chair!

    Length:: 0:51 Mins

    We bought the mamaRoo after realizing that we were hopping around the house like mad doing odd motions like squats and sways, etc. We had a normal swing/chair but it really was basic and did one motion. The mamaRoo offers a few different motions (outlined in the video) as well as visual and audio stimulation. The one thing that is lacking is a mobile that moves on it's own, you would think for the price that a moving mobile would be included. We added a mirror to it to make it even more stimulating and that helps as well.

    The mamaRoo seems to keep our baby occupied for a very valuable 30 minutes, which is pretty good for a 7 week old.