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Country: North America, US, United States

City: 01803 Burlington, Massachusetts

  • C. Atkins - works great so far

    I got this for Christmas and finally got my package off Italian herb seeds last month. Everything but the thyme is growing very well. The basil is very tall and full. The mint is doing great. Oregano is going wild. The thyme is growing but looks a little sickly. I'm thinking of getting another one after reading that strawberries are now available.

  • Raye Linguica - These pens saved me thousands on my gender reassignment surgery!

    This product has saved me thousands of dollars worth of hormones and surgery! I started my gender reassignment surgery 4 years ago (male to female). I underwent three surgeries and spent thousands on medications and hormones. I was told I will never be a 'fully functioning' female. Well, I had a good friend of mine recommend this product as part of the transition and within a week of writing with these sleek little cuties I started to really 'blossom' up top. Two weeks later I was able to stop the hormones and cancel my final planned surgery. The estimate for the gender reassignment was $23,500, but I only had to spend $19,440 ( plus $7.49 for the pens).
    Two years and three beautiful children later I must attest that I am a VERY happy BIC customer! THANK YOU BIC!

  • C. Milton "Loves to Read" - Fantastic Book!

    I read An Unforgettable Lady after being entranced by the Black Dagger Brotherhood series! Was ready to read ANYTHING by J.R. Ward. Was happily surprised that this book takes place in the "real world", that Grace Hall (our heroine) is witty and intelligent, and our hero (John Smith) is someone you can believe in. The plot is unique, and I really hated it when I got to the last page. Wanted to know WHAT COMES NEXT in their lives! Please, Ms. Ward, consider a "sequel" to this book about the further adventures of Grace Hall and John Smith. Am also anxiously awaiting the re-release of "An Irresistible Bachelor". This book shows that Jessica Bird/J.A. Ward can write books of ANY genre' with witty dialogue, wonderful characters who you care about, and great unique plots that make you want to read more.

  • Steven - After the server issues this game is great!

    I am editing this review as an update on the situation. I personally love this game. Yes, you still have to play online but due to there being nearly 10 times more servers than before you can almost always get online. I have not stopped playing the game for the last two days! Best SimCity ever!

    - Old review below for reference. Issues no longer exist! -

    Very rarly can you even play the game. Here are all the hurdles that occur.

    1. All the servers are busy.
    2. The servers says it's available but won't let you connect.
    3. The server is available, you can connect, but you can't claim any land.
    4. You actually get to play, but then the server goes down and you lose everything.
    5. The game is stuck on updating.
    6. The game takes literally over an hour at time just to load.
    7. The game won't let you pick different servers.
    8. The game puts you in the tutorial and it won't let you do anything.

    That's probably less than half of the issues. Those are just the ones I've encountered in the 2 hours I've had the game.

    So disappointing. DO NOT BUY. Please wait a few weeks to get this so they can fix it.