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  • Michael L. Knapp - I trust RoxioWhen I got my first computer many years ago it came loaded with a version of Roxio. I was amazed at how easy it was to get professional results with little computer background. As time has passed I know I can trust Roxio to put out an easy to understand product that gives great results. I was not let down by the current release Roxio Creator 2011. Every version update takes what was best with previous versions & refines it. With this version the first thing you notice from a previous version is that you are already familiar with how it works. Only now it does it even better than before. At firs it seemed that the 3D was just a gimmick. My wife & I run a preschool/daycare and the 3D treatment of pictures has completely captivated the children. We went on a field trip recently & the pictures of the trip with the treatment just jumped out at them. Impressed the heck out of the parents as well! As far as other media goes, it does an exemplary job of helping you to assemble personalized music CD's. It's many editing capabilities assure you of professional sounding results every time whether it's a mix disc for your car or mastering a home studio recording to make it broadcast ready, it does it all. I've only used the video editing one time to assemble various live videos of my band into a single watchable presentation. It didn't let me down. People who have seen it remarked on the professionalism of the appearance of the disc. All in all I can truthfully say that Roxio has come through again with their most recent update. Keep up the good work - you have earned my lifetime support for your products.
  • Sau0123 - Wonderful product!!!! =)All I can say over and over is thank goodness that I took a chance on this product. I have been struggling with acne since the age of 10. I am 33 now and still was NEVER able to get it under control. I have used ProActive, Murad, Chemical Peels, microdermabrasions, so many drug store face washes and products I cannot even remember all of them. I have only had this product a week and it has done more for my skin than any other thing I have used. I actually cried yesterday when I saw myself in the mirror. Thank you so much for this line of products. I will be a forever customer and will tell everyone about this!!!! =)