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  • Coby's Corner - Cured my bloated, painful belly!I have had GI discomfort my whole adult life. Just thought I had to live with the bloating and painful gas. I ate Beano and Gas-X like candy! Went to GI doc for unrelated problem and mentioned my painful belly to him. He put me on Colon Health. It was a lifesafer! It didn't fix my weird bowel movements but it completely cured my gas and bloated, painful belly. So thankful for this product and will take it from here on out!
  • Phil Philson - Great value, highly effectiveI am a profuse back sweater who dealt for years with back acne. After trying Accutane and other dermatologist prescriptions, I realized I simply needed to stop the source of my clogged pores - sweat.

    With SweatBlock, my back was clear in a week. My back was completely dry, even in 100 degree temperatures.

    Because of the cost, I decided to experiment with Certain Dri, realizing the ingredients were basically the same. These products are not the same. Certain Dri just doesn't compare. It helped some, but I kept sweating and some of the acne came back. I highly recommend sticking with SweatBlock and considering it an "investment."