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  • oswald - totally works

    I used it two days in a row the first week--just to be sure I gave it every chance of success--and I have been using it once a week ever since, and it totally works. It works for heat and nervous sweat--at least for me. Pretty amazed that I've been trying different types of deoderants for years and years--the "prescription strength" secret and such, that I had tried in the past--do nothing more for me than cheap deoderant and cost three times as much. This product is pretty awesome though--just wish I had known about it sooner. I had started to just accept that it would always be a problem and came across this product when looking for sweat stain remover. . It's great to have the confidance to wear what I want and not worry about sweat marks--or hard to remove stains from white shirts. . .highly recommend.

  • Happiness - Life Code

    Dr. Phil thank you so much for writing this book and Jay for publishing it, I found myself in here so many ways and I have changed my life around, I stay away from people who hurt me all the time and are always gossiping and I fell like a "NEW PERSON" , I know longer take blood pressure medicine and I have peace within me, thank you so much.


  • Ben P - Perfect size and good info

    This book went everywhere with us in Barcelona. It fit perfectly in the back pocket of my jeans, has great maps and good info about the different areas.

    We did try to go to one of the restaurants listed in the book, but found that it has been closed for a while. However, the size, portability and detailed maps more than make up for that.

  • Cynthia Curwick "Cindy" - Bose TV sound system

    This speaker is true to the "Bose" name. It delivers a phenomenal sound in a small package. We had tried another brand that was by the same manufacturer as our TV and you couldn't understand the speech because the base was too heavy. This speaker gives terrific base, with crisp treble, so that every word is understandable. My husband and I both have diminshed hearing, and this speaker is PERFECT. Worth every penny we spent!