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  • P. Marie "Moon Lyght" - Quite helpful!I am looking for info that will help me understand some basic filming techniques. This works! I've read it thru once, and plan on going thru it again and practice all of the tips and exercises.

    The reviews of some almost put me off of this one. I'm guessing (as one should never assume :-) that those giving the really poor reviews might be more advanced than some of the info presented. However, based on the title, I figured this was a more beginner type of instructional book. I was not disappointed.
  • Mad Rapture - It worked for me -- at age 40My husband and I had tried unsuccessfully for ten months to conceive our second child. My periods were very regular, but I was 39 years old at the time and we were in a hurry so I ordered some FertilAid. After just a month of taking the supplements as directed, I got pregnant. We lost that pregnancy in an uneventful miscarriage at 9.5 weeks. I gave my body a month off, then started taking FertilAid again. By then I had turned 40, but within two months, I was pregnant again. It seems that FertilAid gave my body the extra boost it needed to get pregnant and stay pregnant. Our beautiful, healthy son is now six months old and I give FertilAid credit for helping us to complete our family. I would recommend this product to anyone who does not have major medical complications, but rather just seems to need a little extra help in getting pregnant.
  • NurseLoni - Great understanding of the times, the characters, the political forces and our Lord's journey.What a great book! I finally understand so many things about Jesus life and times. So many questions I've always had became so clear. The research that went into this book is fabulous and without boring you in any way, you are right there in the upper room, the garden, the courtyard and the cross. You begin to understand the history of the rulers, the countries and the San Hedrin and Saducees and why they did what they did. So enlightening. Also, there are parts in the book that make us realize that as bad as we think society is today, the times back then were horrible in many ways. We have so many blessings today. I would have hated to live during that time period. And anyone who complains about taxes will have to re-think it after reading this. I highly recommend this book to anyone with an interest in Jesus or the times.
  • Vinkadog - Simple, well thought out.I've been using this calendar for a few years now, and it's really great. Several years ago I saw the Sandra Boynton moms' calendar and didn't care for the cute characters, so I set out to find something else. This calendar suits the same needs with the cute factor.

    -Each month is over two pages.
    -Each day has several faint lines, making it easy to write in several items on one day.
    -The layout is very simple and clean looking (at least before you fill it up with events!).
    -The paper is regular paper (not the glossy kind that many calendars are printed on), so you can erase pencil entries completely.
    -There are several reminders along the sides for tasks to complete that month (inventory pantry, check holiday card list, etc.)--though honestly I don't use them myself.
    -And my favorite--the calendar runs over 17 months, starting in August. So the 2013 calendar goes from August 2012 to December 2013. I love this! Anyone with school-aged children likely starts the new calendar in late summer, not January. Because of this feature I can write out the entire school year in one sitting over the summer instead of filling in a new calendar in December.

    -The paper is on the thin side, and markers bleed through. But I write in pencil anyway, so this isn't a problem for me. Regular ball point pens don't bleed through, though.