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  • Max "Max" - Great bookI stumbled onto this book looking for a book that had more info on DMSO. I read this book in 2 days. I would highly recommend reading it with an open mind; it is very eye opening and has a lot of information. I am now reading DMSO Natures Healer by Dr Morton Walker. Only gotten to Chapter 3 but I am finding this book just as informative as The One-Minute Cure.
  • KK - Great productI purchased Exposed after trying tons of other products to clear up my skin. Exposed was the only product that worked for me. It even worked better than a prescription medication a dermatologist prescribed to me. I was amazed by the results. For the first time in my life, I have clear skin and it's all thanks to the Exposed skin care line!
  • Dotoday - Great preparation material.This material contains everything you need to prepare for DAT sciences section. It offers wide variety of multiple choice questions in areas of chemistry and biology as well as a very detailed solution to every problem. This is definitely worth an investment. The most recent version of DAT Destroyer containing is currently available for 149.95
  • Sarah - exactly what I ordered, so happy with itThe color is not quite as bright as I expected but I still like the color.
    The package contained all 3 things listed, and I am happy with the case and keyboard cover, but I am just a little upset that the screen protector sheet had this little sticker tab attached in the corner for application, and it didn't come all the way off after I applied the screen protector! there is residual paper and adhesive....
    Otherwise, I got everything I paid for (for a great price) and I am pleased.
  • CindyM "CindyM" - An answer to my womanly prayers!Finally, a pen suited to my slender, feminine fingers! Before finding BIC Cristal For Her, I was often unable to support the tremendous weight of writing utensils designed for men! Now when writing down recipes and, if my womanly brain can handle it, taking phone messages, I never have to worry about staggering beneath the mannish girth of one of my husband's pens. Now, instead of dreading the ensuing headache and confusion that comes along with writing, I relish the chance to use my new gender appropriate pens! Thank you BIC, for your sensitivity to my feminine emotions!