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  • dane reader - Works well for meI have used this product for two weeks and have had no problems and the results are great. I have never had any leaks and think that those who do are not using the machine correctly. I have used all kind of vegetables in the machine including carrots, broccoli and other somewhat hard veggies and all have blended perfectly. Those that say that this is just another blender are somewhat right in that it blends things but I have found that it does it better and faster than any blender I have ever owned. A friend has a smoothie type blender that does a very good job but it cost close to $500.00. The Nutribullet does just as good a job and it cost a lot less.

    The one comment I see from many who are unhappy has to do with customer service and is something I can't comment on as I have not had any problems. I hope the company reads those reviews and improves in this area.
  • VJ - Unbelievable Miracle in my LifeI was diagnosed with IBD/Colitis/Crohn's symptoms in September 2003. Since then I've continuous severe abdominal pain, frequent bowel movements (6-10 times a day), mood swing, depression and irritability for almost 7 years. Several GI visits gave me confused conclusion of my disease. Everytime I visit any GI, they want to do colonoscopy but at the end they will say I don't have colitis. May be IBD or Crohn's...what kind of idiots these GI's are. what a waste of money and discomfort I need to undergo for Colonoscopy. Luckily I've very good break in coverage. I've never been symptom free or in remission during the last 7 years.

    I've changed several GI's since 2003. They all gave me Asacol (400mg-2 x 3 times a day for almost 6 years but in vain). Since I've this problem for long time I don't know what is normal life. So I was desperatly taking Asacol almost all the time. But my symptoms never subsided. Recently, last year I found a pretty good GI-Bob Wilson (OK city, OK) to treat my Fistula infection. He was the first GI want to listen to me about my symptoms and wanted to treat without doing Colonoscopy. He started with heavy dose of Asacol (Asacol HD 800mg - 2 X 3 times a day). Crap !!!. My symptoms got worsened.. also it gave me severe side effects such as tiredness, nausea, joint and body pain. Because of my desperation, I don't want stop my medications. When I told the GI about my side effects he did not believe me. Later, my GI prescribed me Prednisone 40mg but I refused to take because of the well-known side effects. Later, He put me on 6-MP.Immediately after start taking 6-MP, I had severe side effects such as heart palpitations, depression, body aches and nausea. After one week, I've stopped taking 6-MP. During my recent GI visit in February 2010, my GI told me that the only option left is Remicade which is a dangerous drug (side effects)given to treat life threatening colitis/crohn's symtpoms. I told my GI I don't want to take Remicade.

    Later, my wife found some diet solutions for Colitis symptoms on web site. Lot of people mentioned that by following the "Strict Carbohydrate Diet" in the book "Breaking the Vicious Cycle: Intestinal Health Through Diet" healed their IBD/Colitis/Crohn's completely. I did not believe it when my wife first told me. Also, I've talked to one of my friend who is a Registered Dietician about my symptoms. Immediatly after knowing my symptom, she told me it's not a big deal. We can cure this instantly by diet management. I did not beleive it again. The reason is I've two master's and one Ph.D degrees in Biology. I thought there is no logic/scientific basis in these Diet claims. May be I've more faith in these toxic drugs given by these idiotic GI's than these simple natural diet.

    During my GI visit in Feb 2010, my GI told me the only option I've is Remicade. oh..well. I told him I don't want to take Remicade. I'll try Asacol HD for a while. I came home without any options. I've two kids and I'm the only bread winner for my family. I've to work almost 12 hrs a day/7 days a week whole year. This Asacol HD is killing me.
    Finally, I've decided to give a shot on these SCD diet. So, I've ordered two books on amazon:"Breaking the Vicious Cycle: Intestinal Health Through Diet" by Elaine Gloria Gottschall and "Recipes for the Specific Carbohydrate Diet: The Grain-Free, Lactose-Free, Sugar-Free Solution to IBD, Celiac Disease, Autism, Cystic Fibrosis, and Other Health Conditions (Healthy Living Cookbooks) by Raman Prasad". I've stopped taking all medications and started following very strict diet based on these two books starting from March 1 st, 2010. Today, after almost 2.5 months, I've no colitis symptoms after 7 years of my horrible life. What a miracle this book is in my life. If you want helathy and disease free life, follow your guts: Follow the SCD diet. Stay away from toxic GI's and their Evil drugs.

    I'd like to thank all the people who gave testimony about this book and theei experiences her in amazon. It not only gave me confidence but also gave my life back. Now, I've a future in my life which I did not have it before.

    Good luck for all IBD/Colitis/Crohn's sufferers. God Bless you all !!!.
  • Denis Vukosav - Meet perfect killer while Alex Cross becomes his prey..."Cross My Heart" by James Patterson is new installment in popular Alex Cross thriller series and although being the twenty-first novel in the series, the author still manages to make adventures of his popular hero both thrilling and exciting.

    However there are some surprises here because what the author has done this time, in order to refresh the series, is that he decided to turn the tables and have a killer hunting on Alex Cross instead of the usual roles.

    Reader will meet a psychopathic serial murderer named Thierry Mulch, man exceptionally skilled at hiding evidence who believes being able to commit perfect crimes and never be caught.
    But as is the case with all multiple killers who somehow actually want to be caught, he even participates in seminars that were organized on University where committed crimes are discussed.
    Moreover killer is offended that known Detective Cross has never tried to solve any of his crimes so he decides to give him an extra incentive to do so - he will start hunting both Cross and his family and soon he will succeed in threatening much what is important in Cross life...

    James Patterson always delivered large amount of violence to his fans but with this one he went even one step ahead showing very explicitly extreme violence that might not be well received by all readers.
    With turning the usual Detective-villain paradigm in his thrillers, the author definitely manages to breathe new life to the series and to the main character, and the perfect killer character Patterson invented in this novel is truly scary opponent because of his methods that any police officer wouldn't want to meet in real life.

    What will perhaps be a bit controversial is the novel's end, which will probably be met with delight from some, for others suspense will be further increased and some readers will be probably disappointed, however I leave the decision to each reader not wanting to give you even the slightest hint not to spoil you the charm of reading.

    I believe that the author and his main character needs no introduction, the number of published novels and its popularity speaks for itself, therefore this book as all previously released is a real page turner full of twists and tension perfect for fans of thrillers.

    Therefore, given the above-mentioned reasons and the fact that this novel brought innovative change of roles, a new Alex Cross novel can be fully recommended.
  • A. Abrams "Vermonter" - Solid Honda OEM Quality and considerable savings over a Dealer purchaseI've had my Honda OEM Cross bars on my 2012 CR-V for almost a year now. No complains at all. They are built extremely solid and compliment the SUV and have a nice low profile. (no wind noise as well).

    Exactly what the dealer sells at about $70+ less then they wanted to charge. Installation is fast and easy, ...about a 1/2 hour if that.

    For those considering a cargo box for these bars on their CR-V, look at the Rola at Amazon! It's a brand a lot of us (myself included) knew/know little about. I've purchased and reviewed the excellent "Rola 59004 Airfoil LG Black Roof Top Cargo Box" here at Amazon. It fits the Honda CR-V rooftop and cross-bar area like a glove!

    The Rola box and these Honda OEM Cross bars are perfectly matched.
  • Jon R - A great solution for basic protectionLet me start off by saying flat out that a large part of which antivirus is the best comes down to personal preference. Ask 10 different professionals which one is the "best" and you'll get 10 different programs. Antivirus programs also change from year to year, so don't judge this years edition on reviews from a previous year (this applies to any offering not just this Kaspersky one). The best way to find the best is to download a trial and see if you like it.

    Now as for Kaspersky, this is great for your basic protection. It's light on resources, installs easily and quickly, and scans fast. The downside is it takes a while to download patches, even with a fast connection. But since patches are downloaded in the background, you shouldn't notice it. As for it's ability to catch viruses, reports and personal experience show it works great. Really you can't ask for much more from a basic antivirus program.

    One other thing to note, s how it compares to free programs. My first statement still applies, everyone has different tastes. But what you're paying for is support, a year of guaranteed updates, and (depending on which program you're comparing too) possibly better scanning results. It's up to you if this is worth the added costs.