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  • Grlbyzzk - My people can invade Earth now!!!My name is Grlbyzzk from the planet Hypticon3 in the galaxy Andromeda. I was surveying your planet's pathetic defenses, in preparation for colonization, total domination and enslavery of your humanoid life forms. Alas, my anti-matter converter, which, of course, fuels the dark energy generator that powers my vessel, suffered a complete failure when I ventured too close to the CERN Large Hadron Collider and flew into an uncharted black hole. Fortunately for your planet, my antimatter converter reacted with the black hole while it was still quite small, obliterating it (and my poor anti-matter converter) before it could attain the size needed to consume your solar system. I disabled the CERN Collider immediately, to save your planet's resources (which my people crave) for the greater glory of Bryzkinatz, our most Supreme Leader and ruler of Hypticon3. "May Her Silver Horns always glow for our people! Brak! Brak! Brak!"
    Anyway, it was necessary to repair my anti-matter converter, which required a "jump-start" with a fissile isotope. I had some difficulty locating exactly what I needed until I chanced upon though the binary programming "Stumble Upon". (When will you Earthlings switch to Dozenal?) With this uranium, I have repaired my converter and will hasten back to Hypticon3, and the most glorious Bryzkinatz, Brak!, Brak!, to tell my people that Earth is ripe for conquest. Thank you!!
  • firefly2550 "stacy" - ipad miniwhats not to love about the ipad mini? i have several android tablets and i personally love how simple the ipad is to use and set up i am a video blogger on youtube so i use my ipad to record and upload my videos dont have many apps as i just got it ordered tons of cases and skins for it battery life with full brightness is def an issue when i pulled the lightning charger out for the first time it dropped to 97% is this normal or does my brand new ipad already have a glitch? havent tryed any games yet planning on downloading some soon thats my review for now will update as i use my ipad......