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  • Chairwoman MAO "Mao-Mau" - Brilliant story and plot "twist"!This is an excellent read! I read it and just could not put it down until I was finished. There were parts that were literally laugh out loud funny and parts that were so interesting and compelling that I just had to read to my hubby with no context and he seemed to enjoy it (lol). I thought this book was brilliant and I am so excited that they are coming out with a movie! Yay Ben Affleck!
  • J. Magno - Read this book!Yeast (Candida albicans) is not just the itchy stuff, it's much more than that, as my medical doctor explained to me. He recomended I read the book in the first place.

    Yeast (overgrowth of the intestinal tract etc.) doesn't actually CAUSE all the diseases/symptoms associated with it, but it certainly has a CONNECTION (hence the title of the book; The Yeast Connection.) I had been experiencing a lot of the problems listed in the book over the years that didn't seem to be related to anything in particular and was certainly not recognized by my regular doctors. Most physicians I saw wanted to treat my symptoms without getting to the root of the problem. (I'd rather get better than take a slew of drugs that have nasty, long-lasting, side-effects.)

    So, if you know someone or are having problems like food alergies, chronic fatigue, Irritalble Bowel Syndrome, any type of chronic pain, or you seem to be "sick all over"-- read this book! It may completely change your life--for the better!

    NOTE: In order to recover from this systemic yeast, there is a strict diet that is so important to follow and stick with--mainly cutting out sugar in the diet! This is really difficult for folks with yeast-related problems..., but it is worth it when you start to feel better! I will always stay reformed in this part of my day-to-day life, and I continue to work at it. You can do it!
  • A. Banza "Aquarius2582" - Easy Test - Clear ResultI got a very clear and fast Dark Green BOY result :) I found this test simple and easy to use. No mess. I am not going to run out and start buying all little boys clothes yet... but once I go for a 17 wk ultrasound I will be amazed if this test was right! I have had a hunch from the very beginning that I am having a boy. I will post an update when I get an anatomy scan. I think people lose sight of the fact that Boy or Girl a baby is a gift. People should just hope for a happy, healthy baby regardless of sex. That's what truly matters. Good luck to all the expectant parents out there! I'll post an update in about 7 wks ;)
  • Rita Setness - Rita SetnessThis book is an excellent view of a post modern society. The characters are enthralling and the story line is engaging, to say the least. This book stays on your mind and follows you around while doing other things, until it pulls you happily back in to continue the read. It is an awesome journey!
  • Nidia - Cute images!As a mom with 2 girls who love Domo, I just had to get this one as our family calendar. All of the images are great and the calendar itself is nice and sturdy. The $1 ones always drove me crazy because they would fold over when hanging on the wall. This one is perfect and worth every penny.