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  • T. Jolly "Loves2Read" - The BEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE

    Like everyone else here, I saw THE goddess, Sade. I saw her opening night of her North American tour in Baltimore and saw her again in Norfolk. I wish she was here again and I'd go see her tonight. This is by far one of my top concerts of all time...right up there with Michael Jackson and the genius himself, Stevie Wonder. The visual effects, Sade's voice, the oh so tight band made this one night I will never forget. It was only heightened by the fact that I got to see the concert with one of my best friends, my brother. No offense to anyone who has or will post here, but he has got to be the top Sade fan of all time. I never knew he bought her CDs and would drive from D.C. to Alabama to college and play the same Sade CD over and over again. The night of the concert, he stared at the stage and couldn't move. He was finally seeing her live. Thank you Sade and band for one of the best nights of my life. I cannot WAIT for this CD to come out!


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