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  • Karen Huestis - Appetite gone

    I can't attest to anything other than squashing the appetite. I simply forget to do that late night snacking, it never crosses my mind. YAY! I don't have lots of increased energy, but I talk a lot more. No jitters to speak of, but I found that if I'm in a normal stress or anxious situation, I feel more wound up than is actually necessary for the situation. Nothing out of control, but without the typical barrage of coping safeguards, I would probably be a mess.

  • M. S. - Great tablet for a great price

    I bought two of these for my nephews. The tablets are durable, and can handle punishment from kids :). They are scratch resistant. I used it overseas. It is fast, has tons of nice education and fun games, and it is a kindle - so reading is natural on it. It shows videos very nicely (the resolution is great). The audio is clear and loud. Battery life is in the order of hours even with video games. It is easy to carry. All on all, I am very pleased with this product.

  • Auggie - Best deal on antvirus

    I like this deal of getting the renewal code on Amazon at this price and simply entering it in the subscription status renew link at the bottom of the Norton screen.
    The renewal fee via the Norton itself or the Norton Symantec website was double of this.
    Great deal for a great product.