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  • Vivienne Morris - Perfect for Curly Girls!I have very curly hair, and this product works great! The company who makes this also made a book called "Curly Girl". It was a great book and it gave me quite a bit of information on how to care for my hair.
    1. Do not use shampoo
    2. Use lots of conditioner
    3. Do not straiten it
    This conditioner works well because it moisturizes without feeling oily.
  • firefly2550 "stacy" - ipad miniwhats not to love about the ipad mini? i have several android tablets and i personally love how simple the ipad is to use and set up i am a video blogger on youtube so i use my ipad to record and upload my videos dont have many apps as i just got it ordered tons of cases and skins for it battery life with full brightness is def an issue when i pulled the lightning charger out for the first time it dropped to 97% is this normal or does my brand new ipad already have a glitch? havent tryed any games yet planning on downloading some soon thats my review for now will update as i use my ipad......
  • TAC in Iowa - Warm, funny and thoughtfulNote: this is the audio version review. The content is great, to have Billy do the audio book is like a free performance. About one third of the book is read before a live audience, the rest in the studio. Transions well. Laugh outload, cry unashamedly and just sit back and enjoy. Mad a 10 hour road trip fly by. And unlike Billy's comments on watching a play at his age, you don't fall asleep....great when you are driving. The book is a snapshot of his life from childhood to his 65th birthday. If you are in your 60s+, it not only rings true but will allow you to laugh at yourself as well.