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  • D. N. Stein "Cool" - The game is not about the DRM and the Limited activationsEveryone is complaining about the DRM and the limited activation when the game is about spore. I thought the game was very well made and creative. Unlike most games this game can be played for endless amounts of hours with diffent things to do, create, and explore. I have over 100 creations and have played 20+ hours altogher on the game and I am still amazed at what there is to create and see in the game. Also even though there is limited activations why would you need to download it to multiple computer in one house. Finally itunes has a limited amount of activations for one account as well and there isn't nearly as much complaining about that as spore even though it is the same problem. I also can wait for Spore Galatic Adventures to come out, it will add even more possibilities to the game
  • LB "lorie" - AmazingThis product is amazing. It grows edible gardens with minimum care and absolutely no soil. I planted my salad greens garden on Dec. 4. Within 2-3 days the seeds begin to sprout; in exactly 26 days I was eating salad grown on my kitchen counter. The only "gardening" I have had to do was add nutrient tablets a couple of times, add water (twice a week since the plants have matured)and raise and lower the lamp as needed. Setting this up was as simple as popping in two light bulbs, attaching a lamp shade, filling a bowl with water and dropping pre-planted seeds into holes. My kindergarten age kids are just as excited as I. My 5 year old niece exclaimed on her last visit, "Wow! That plant is really getting big!" I harvest about 2 salads every other day and pick lettuce for sandwiches daily. All you need for sucess is to follow the directions that come with the garden. I highly recommend this product. I have already given it as a gift, and I am considering buying another so that I have herbs and lettuce growing in my kitchen at the same time. Who needs to worry about e-coli?
  • les malinowski - norton antivirus 2013use this antivirus program on my laptop. I have windows 7 and it was easy to install. have been using for 3months.
    according to the reports I view from Norton it is doing what it is supposed to do. the disc was cheaper than
    downloading directly from Norton. I purchased thru amazon and received it in a timely manner. did check other sites
    and also walmart. amazon had the best price.
  • R. Wilson - Very filling, great meal replacementPlease dont buy this for taste, because it tastes horrible. I just drink it quickly with filtered water and enjoy the nutrition of this fabulous product. I feel full and dont have any hunger cravings between meals. I even got my husband drinking this and he was an avid bacon/eggs man. For the money I cant find anything even close to Raw Meals quality. I have ordered this 3 times and plan to keep it in our refrigerator permanently as a quick healthy breakfast or lunch.

    I am giving it 5 starts based on how I feel not on how it tastes. This is fuel for your body, not your taste buds. I find after a few days I got used to the flavor and now its easy to get down.

    I do not recommend mixing this with milk or sweeteners or fruit, nothing you use will make this taste like anything good. Its like licking the bottom of a lawnmower. A magical lawnmower of super food and nutrition.
  • lazarie - A must read for working women, their partners, and the organizations they are a part of!Lean In brings awareness to the common behaviors of women (and men) that contribute to holding women back from reaching upper leadership positions and fulfilling ultimate success in their respectful careers. Individuals and organizations must first be aware and accountable for their own participation in the disparity gap for women in order for a paradigm shift to occur where there is true equality between women and men in the workplace. Sheryl Sandberg offers suggestions for eliminating this gap, and it requires more women to take charge of their careers and more women to reach upper leadership and decision making roles.

    Certainly a must read for women at any point along their career journey, their partners, and the organization(s) they are a part of!

    - Lazarie