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  • David G. Traeger - a great readOf course, everyone is talking about Hilary Mantel's Thomas Cromwell trilogy. This being the 2nd. Cant wait for the 3rd book. As far as I know this is a rare telling of the Henry Tudor story from the point of view of Thomas Cromwell. In an interesting twist, Moore is the villain of the piece.
  • C. Irish "Read On!" - PerfectAutodesk Sketchbook Pro 2011 is an easy to use drawing tool that turns your PC into a dervish of drawing activity using an easy to use interface with a great variety of different cool tools to use. The interface is simple to use and it has a lot of diversity and it's fun.

    The program loaded perfectly. It was a completely fast and easy install with no hassle whatsoever. The interface is intuitively designed to make drawing and sketching easy on the PC. I could imagine that on a PC Tablet it would be really awesome, and one is now on my Christmas list, however, this program is also perfect for the PC. Designing has never been easier in my opinion and this is one of the best drawing programs I have seen. It's uncomplicated and so simple to use.

    For art design, digital art, PC sketching, digital painting it's a wonder and the great part is that it has such a good interface that there is no frustration or learning curve to it as seen with some programs of this nature.

    If you are looking for a digital art, sketch program/paint program that is perfect to install, use, and create with, this is an option you'd be happy with for a long time to come. I think it's ahead of it's time and it is really a neat program.
  • Vegas Lady - Love This Product !!!Wow this product is amazing to say the least ... I at first ordered the Imako shell and I was so disappointed ... I tried every which way and the shell just wouldn't fit correctly - I couldn't speak correctly and it looked like I was walking around with a mouth full of fake white plastic ... I read a review where someone said they found a website called Temptooth and they were going to give it a try - I went on the website and read all about it and I figured why not try it ... I received the product and melted about 20 of the beads to make 2 teeth ... I sat down with a mirror and began to experiment ... I was missing 2 front teeth with a tooth in the middle and it had been about 6 months since I could smile or talk in public without trying to hide my mouth ... the first time it took me about 4 tries of shaping and then re-melting the beads until I formed a perfect tooth ... then I did the other tooth and in about one hour I had made myself 3 sets of 2 teeth which I could keep for back-up in case I lost any ... I have been wearing the teeth when I go out and it is such a wonderful feeling to be able to order food at a restaurant or talk to people without fear and with utter confidence. I have not tried, however, to eat with them in but they are so secure that I probably could ... I cannot say enough about how amazing this product is ... if you are like me and you don't want a mouth full of unnatural fake white plastic then you should definitely order Temptooth ... the only thing is that you must have an "anchor" tooth on either side of the missing one in order for this product to work - I was lucky that I had the one tooth in the middle of my mouth to adhere the created teeth to ... this product surely made a believer out of me ... also for anyone that does not have dental insurance and you need to get your smile (and your confidence) back then this product is a miracle ... I wrote an e-mail to the company thanking them so much for creating this ... try it and you will absolutely LOVE IT !!!
  • Shirley Hackert "shirleyinroseville" - Works, does no harm. smells good. Standard Poodle & Black magic catOur poodle spent 2 weeks with one of my relatives who also have a dog, and went on long walks down by the river. Although we gave her a good flea shampoo bath when be brought her home, some eggs must have survived, because one evening my own stomach was covered with flea bites.
    We did the shampoo thing again, and rewashed everything and vacumed, and ordered this product out of desperation. The standard flea meds make my dog sick for a few days.
    This works. And my dog didn't get sick, even sprayed the cat. All is well. Did have to apply it every week or two for a while. No big deal. It even feels good on my hands afterwards.
    Fleas are gone.
  • bohemian geek - best lunar calendar out thereI love this calendar and have been getting it for years. This is the only lunar calendar that truly IS a lunar calendar. It features 13 "months", each begining with the new moon, with 28 days. The days are laid out in a spiral design; each day has the picture of the moon phase and the astrological sign it is in. The art work for each month is beautiful, poetic and inspiring.
    I know the price may seem high but so much work goes into it and there is no other like it, way worth the few extra bucks. All other lunar calendars I've seen are simply solar calendars with the phase of the moon drawn on each day. Nancy Passmore's Lunar Calendar really brings you into the rhythym of the Moon that lives in each of us.