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  • david - Awesome, good phone!I have an Iphone 4, so ill be comparing everything in this to that.


    beautiful low light pictures!!
    You can attach your numnbers to facebook friends = awesome feature!!
    pretty sure theres more im still finding new stuff out about it!
    the phone feels GREAT. crisp quality all over.
    STURDY! I dropped it pretty hard on the edge really hard on the wet asphalt the first day i got it. it still looks flawless, only a tiny chip that you cant even notice


    big screen, kinda have to stretch my finger around a bit might take some practice getting used to.
    emoji apps on iphone are better than the built in pics, but maybe there are apps for more pics

    So ya, this phone is awesome.
  • Barbara McClendon - I can play games, use like a tablet and its fast. It far exceeds my expectations. I thought I was just getting a reader.I have arthritis in my hands and also insomnia. I found that reading at night helped me fall asleep, but books were heavy and hard to handle in bed. I started reading with my regular Kindle and that was more comfortable. I had a problem with getting the light just right so I ordered the Kindle Fire. Now I can read with the lights off. When I get sleepy I just turn it off and to sleep I go. I can use the Kindle Fire as a tablet and it is fast. I can play games, read email, watch movies and use like a tablet without going to my office computer. I can sit in my recliner and be comfortable. I am happy, happy, happy.
  • E. Bukowsky "booklover10" - "She knew exactly where she came from and where she belonged.""The Good Husband of Zebra Drive" once again proves that Alexander McCall Smith is an alchemist who can transform ordinary life into something extraordinary. The "traditionally built" Precious Ramotswe is contentedly married to her devoted mechanic husband, Mr. J. L. B. Matekoni, and she continues to operate her No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency with the help of the capable Mma Makutsi. She is also busy caring for two foster children, Motholeli and Puso. However, change is in the air.

    Mma Makutsi is engaged to the well-to-do Phuti Radiphuti, and although she is grateful to Mma Ramotswe for her generosity and friendship, she is thinking of quitting her job. Meanwhile, Mr. Matekoni tries his hand at detecting with mixed results, and he is horrified to stumble across photographic evidence that his wife may be seeing another man. Finally, one of Mr. Matekoni's shiftless apprentices, the irresponsible Charlie, has dreams of independence that may take him away from his position at Tlokweng Road Speedy Motors.

    Precious Ramotswe is a sea of calm amidst all of this turmoil. She unhurriedly starts work in the morning with a cup of bush tea. She drives slowly in her little white van, enjoying the sky, the sunshine, the sound of the birds, and the sight of cattle that remind her of her late beloved father Obed Ramotswe. She appreciates having a conscientious and kind husband and two good children. Although Mma Makutsi can be prickly at times, Precious values her friendship and depends on her fine secretarial skills.

    "The Good Husband Zebra Drive" is filled with the wise sayings of a woman who knows her own worth and who is satisfied with her station in life. She tackles problems large and small with common sense and finely honed intuition. This time around, Mma Ramotswe looks into three mysterious hospital deaths as well as a case of theft in a printing company. She uses the knowledge that she acquired long ago from reading "The Principles of Private Detection," by Clovis Anderson, to help her deal with her clients' problems. Even if she fails to bring about a perfect resolution to every matter, Ramotswe always tries to do the right thing without hurting anyone else in the process.

    This novel is another humorous, lyrical, and loving tribute to Botswana and to the values that Mma Ramotswe and those like her hold dear: loyalty, compassion, honesty, and kindness. Although the writing is simple, it is never simplistic. Many readers will finish this charming book in less than a day, and when they do, they may be tempted to turn back to page one and read it all over again.