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Country: Europe, DE, Germany

  • Dewayne A. Mitchell - Excellent Item

    I purchased this item because my wife loves to ready books; therefore, it was the perfect gift. For the longest time I was wondering what she was doing on it and it seems that she plays Angry Birds, solitaire, surf the net, etc.

    This is an excellent item and she loves it very much.

  • ndurand - The facts you need to make your own decisions

    I loved this book. For once I felt like someone was talking to me as an intelligent woman, instead of treating me like a child. Emily Oster doesn't suggest you should binge drink or eat sushi every day - instead, she gives you the facts, in clear and concise text, and tells you to make your own decisions according to your own values. You can also go into appointments with better information and ask your doctor the right questions. Look, if you just want a big list of "don'ts", and can't stand the gray areas that come with all medicine, don't get this book. But if you want to understand the whys behind all the advice, and take control of one of the most important experiences in life, read "Expecting Better" and use your new knowledge to inform your decisions.

  • R. Taylor "RJT" - Just love it!

    I've had mine for about a year and a half. I love it. Use it every time I shower.

    It is so handy for those afterward clean-ups. Pre-fill it with hot water, hook it aside the toilet and afterward it takes just a couple of minutes and your like new and ready for sleep. Before it was a shower before and then a shower after. What a pain. If I ended up at a hotel without a removable shower head it was awful. This is a really great solution.

    Every now and then I do have to run some Clorox and water through the clear plastic tubing and cotton swab to clean out any bacteria. Seems to accumulate where the plastic tube and bag connect.

    I never had the odor issue (at least no one ever complained) so I don't know if it solves that or not.

  • Reaperonin - Great Tablet

    I bought this tablet, 32g tf201 Grey.

    I have been playing with it for two days and so far have been very pleased with its performance. I have only had one crash, which was caused by an application (TED) crashing while paused.
    There is a disappointingly small library of widgets and wallpapers but for all intensive purposes, this is identical to any new android touch screen device. I have the Moto Atrix, and it is quite similar.

    Also, the Android keyboard is less than user friendly..

  • Tracy D. Awbrey - 2012 Fuji Absolute 1.0

    I bought this bike after selling my heavy weight Scott 29er .. had tires upgraded to 700x35 & rear gears to 11-28 so that I could trail ride on it .. added aero bars so that I can ride it the 15 miles to & from the trails I ride .. bike is super & have even done 40 mile training rides on it.
    Carbon front fork is holding up well after many trails rides .. bought mine from Sun & Ski for well below MSRP