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  • Duane Sparks "Duane" - Just what we neededAll I can say is this will get much of our financial paperwork in order. I am very happy to have it and anxious to begin using it. With Christmas time here, most of our free hours are spent shopping or planning the holidays, but once the year turns I will put this software to the test and I am sure it will do the job.
  • BethesdaChemist - Excellent book explaining the research behind pregnancy restrictionsAs a PhD level biochemist who is expecting, I really enjoyed this book. I wish I had this book when we were trying to conceive, as I would have learned that some of the stranger things I observed with my cycle were most likely something to do with stopping the BCP (something my doctor didn't bother explaining).
    Emily Oster explains all of the research that she found, why it is good or bad, and the resulting data-and allows the reader to draw their own conclusions (though she does have recommendations and stories of what she personally decided to do).
    The best part about this book is being able to see the data, understand the risks, and ultimately realize that in the vast majority of pregnancies things turn out just fine. I found that extremely reassuring.

    If you are trying to understand more about these arbitrary lists of dos and don'ts while pregnant-read this book.
    If you are worried about the risks of participating in a champagne toast at a wedding while you are pregnant-read this book.
    If your doctor is recommending a procedure or test that doesn't make sense to you and you want to know more about the risks-read this book.

    Ultimately, if you don't like Emily Oster's recommendations, she gives you all the data she used to make her decisions, so that you are able to make your own based on your own value system
  • XB1500 - AWESOME!!!!I was very skeptical because I am allergic to most types of anti-antiperspirants that are on the market today. Every time tried a new one I would have to throw it away within a week because the sweating was worse. I have struggled for years with changing shirts several times a day. Being a college student I frequently give presentations in front of a class and always had to "over dress" to hide any sweating. THIS PRODUCT WORKS!!!! 9 days sweat free so far and loving it!
  • J. Chambers - Abdominal muscle toner appears to be working for usWhen the manufacturer invited me to evaluate the Flex Belt, I was fairly skeptical of its claimed ability to tone up my abdominal muscles. Most of my skepticism came from the fact that a few years ago, a very large vertical abdominal surgical incision was not closed properly, and when I returned to the OR a few months later to have the enormous hernia repaired, a huge mesh sheet was sewn into my abdomen. Over the next few months, I believe that the muscles adhered to the mesh and atrophied, and I lost all muscle tone, resulting in a sagging belly, even though I'm only a few pounds over my goal weight. Nevertheless, I tried the Flex Belt, and I've been very pleasantly surprised at the results so far. The first few times I used the belt, I had to set the intensity level fairly high - around 50-55 - to even feel the pulses. After several days of use, I could feel the pulses at a lower level - about 25. My best interpretation of this is that the nerves were being reactivated after laying dormant for the last three years. (Note: this is my very non-medical opinion, and I have not had an opportunity to ask a physician about this.) Having now used the Flex Belt for about two weeks, I'm pretty sure that some muscle tone is returning, albeit very gradually.

    While I was trying the Flex Belt, my wife became interested in using it, so we've been sharing it. She's very pleased with the results, saying that it's definitely tightening her abdominals. At this time, we're both gradually increasing the duration and intensity of our workouts with the Flex Belt.

    My only negative comment is that every time you turn on the power, you have to reset the pulse intensity. It would be better if the controller kept the last setting in memory. This is a very minor quibble, however, since it only takes a few seconds to reset the intensity.

    I believe that the Flex Belt, in conjunction with a proper diet and exercise, may be a useful tool in firming and toning abdominal muscles.