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  • Oimak Kamio - Amazing game, Amazing Drama with whiners!!!!Diablo III: Standard Edition
    First off, the game is amazing. Smooth play, great graphics, and just overall fun. If you liked the first 2 games in the series don't hesitate go get D3 and prepare for enjoyment. Blizzard did a great job creating a game that feels like D1 and D2, but yet revamped the game play and overall feel of the game to really adhere to most players. I played yesterday most of the day and got through act I and just spent most of my time running around checking out the different maps and trying to really get comfortable with the game play.

    Now on to you other idiots..."online only, no thanks." "terrible launch" blah blah blah. First off it is 2012 get with the program. If playing offline is such a make or break thing for you, go get an Nintendo 64 and sit in your little cove and have fun with it. Its about making a great game and making sure that the hackers and other idiots that ruin games don't ruin this one like they did with the hackfest that went on with D2. There is no montly fee, so its not like Blizzard is holding you down with monthly charges. Its not like Blizzard didnt give us all a year notice about being online only. I like the idea of online only, I like the idea of playing with my friends.

    To the crybabies who complained about yesterday and the server issues. let me remind you of issues with WoW launch. Issues with SWTOR Launch that went on for a month. "Error 9000" Which we were nicely told was an issue on our side, when it was a server side issue. I'll even go old school, anyone remember Everquest and the multiple expansion update issues, that would cripple the game for a week. BTW D3 was the most pre-ordered computer game in history. When you flip the switch and 1 million + gamers try to flood the servers a few hiccups will happen. But to blast Blizzard or Battlenet is retarded. There will always be issues, but some of you like to complain just for the point to complain.

    Bottom line is with this game, its amazing, not the most amazing game ever but its definately one where i have friend who are or were on the fence and are going to get this game because they know how good it is and how good it will be. If you want to play offline, like blizzard said a year ago, its not the game for you. But if that is the only thing keeping you from buying really are missing out.
  • Anonymous Reader - The Intriguing Trip (on Many Levels) of an Unlikely Spiritual SeekerDaniel Pinchbeck is a rather unlikely spiritual seeker. In 2012, Pinchbeck's memoir of his investigation of the forthcoming end of the Mayan calendar, the quest for alternative realities and higher levels of meaning is joined with Pinchbeck's ongoing search for drugs and illicit sex. So as Pinchbeck travels to metaphysical venues, he manages healthy doses of iboga (a psychedelic used by the Bwiti cult in Gabon) and ayahuasca (a hallucinogen used in Amazon Basin rituals) and consummates affairs with or lusts after a variety of women, despite the fact that his committed partner has recently borne a daughter.

    The joke's on the disapproving reader though, myself included. Despite his many shortcomings, Pinchbeck offers an excellent and intriguing narrative and delivers himself of many a well-honed spiritual principle. His efforts to find a balance between male and female energies mirrors the ageless effort to master the classic yin-yang dichotomy. Similarly, Pinchbeck provides a fascinating take on the possibility that the coming of 2012 will integrate the spiritual beliefs that underpin many indigenous cultures with the advanced techologies of the developed world. (For a very different analysis of 2012 that reaches similar conclusions, read futurologist John Petersen's outstanding A Vision of 2012.)

    In service of his narrative, Pinchbeck takes the reader on a global tour of New Age and tribal sites, ranging from the Bwiti lands in Gabon; to England's Glastonbury, Avebury and Stonehenge; to a "priestess" retreat in Hawaii; to the Burning Man festival in Nevada; to the Amazon Basin; and, finally, to Arizona's Hopi mesa. Pinchbeck's accounts of his visits to these venues are themselves fascinating, as are the metaphysical conclusions that Pinchbeck derives therefrom. Granted, Pinchbeck's conduct is maddening-- his desire for drugs, promiscuous sex, and general bad behavior never abates-- but he is an acute observer and never dull.

    Can one learn from a highly imperfect teacher? To recognize the perfection embodied in imperfection is itself an important spiritual lesson. Daniel Pinchbeck is indeed an unlikely spiritual teacher whose merits and shortcomings should be weighed carefully, but he has written a lively work with many important observations. Weeks after finishing 2012, I still find myself mulling over Pinchbeck's experiences and conclusions, and I look forward to a second reading of this book.

    Bottom line: If you are intrigued by the meaning of the Mayan calendar and you are open to exploring a fascinating-- albeit maddening-- travelogue with a metaphysical bent, make time for 2012.
  • King of Mice Studios - An Absolute Delight!As an admitted anglophile (who is married to an Englishman), it's been my long-time dream to experience a transatlantic crossing, and tour Britain with my guy. I'm not sure if it will ever happen, but I am sure I've just experienced the next best thing!

    With her usual enthusiasm, humor, and sunny outlook, Susan Branch makes the reader feel as though they are traveling the English countryside too - I could almost feel the rain, taste the delicious pub meals, and inhale the scent of those gorgeous gardens. If I had to write a one-word review of "A Fine Romance", it would say "swoon!"

    As an artist, I've long admired her illustrations, and just adore all her books, but must say Susan has truly outdone herself with this one. Not only the art, but the writing, the photographs, the music and movie recommendations, the recipes she includes - everything about this book is just stellar, and I'm already compiling a list of people I need to gift with this book come Christmas.

    And to everyone not on my Christmas list, do yourself a favor - buy this book, brew a pot of your favorite tea, and be transported!
  • HDRIDER65 - Awesome setup for an HDI have this unit mounted on my 09 HD Ultra Classic. Works seamlessly.
    Using a Kuryakan Fuel Door GPS/Accessory Mount. With the external speaker jack and integrated MP3 player plugged into the bikes AUX input. I listen to my music through the built in MP3 player, GPS pauses the music and speaks directions. I can use bikes volume controls. Rider to rider communication and CB still work flawlessly. I have bought a second one just incase mine gets jacked or busted.