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  • Bonnie S. Calhoun - Another great book...but stop after this one!

    Absolutely enjoyed the story and character development. There's still enough I don't know to keep me interested. This review is actually anti-climactic because I read the three books right in a row, so I know how the series ends as I write this :-(

    But if you love Happily Ever After...stop with this book and create an ending in your own head...or with fan fiction!

  • Yuber Ramon Gonzalez - the best

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  • prescott617 - Practical well made seat!

    Just recieved this chair yesterday and it has already made a difference for us! Our almost 8 month old daughter has resisted eating solids for two months now and the first time we fed her in this seat she was more than happy to gobble up her food! I think it's because this seat has her right up at the table with everyone and monkey see monkey do! It seems very well made and sturdy. It also will be easy to bring where ever we go. We do have skirting on our table but it's about 8 inches in- you need atleast 3.5 INCHES OF CLEARENCE. Also, note that the directions WARN AGAINST using this seat on tables with BEVELED EDGES. It's funny to me that people complain that the seat gets dirty. Um yah any seat you put an infant in is going to get dirty, nothing a hot soapy rag can't clean and if you're really particular maybe a q-tip once-in-a-while. If your table meets the criteria look no further this chair is sweet!

  • "devilkat" - He Blinded Me with Science

    Briefly (for me) I had been on a low-fat, count-your-calories, get-more-exercise diet plan; the standard stuff your Mother and the majority of dieat plans tell you. I ate stuff I hated (including more pasta than I needed or wanted, but it was a *low-calorie* frozen dinner, so it was okay). I actually like carrot sticks, but they did get old after awhile; I couldn't eat my beloved sunflower seeds -- too full of the demon fat! I balanced my calories better than I did my checkbook.

    I gained 11 pounds on this diet.

    But, the organization who sponsored the diet did me a good turn--they blasted Dr. Atkins repeatedly in their newsletters for his crazed, dangerous, low-carb diet that dared to defy the Holy Food Pyramid. I was so mad about that extra 11 pounds, I bought Atkins' book. And I was very impressed with the fact that he explained the diet so scientifically; i.e. what happens to food in your system and how his idea of making fats and protein the staple of your diet really works. I was treated, by his book, like someone with a brain instead of a dumb fatty who was just too lazy to exercise enough.

    I've been on this diet for a week and lost 6 pounds, and never felt better in my life.

    My old diet advisors were wailing to lose my business, and my mother is sure I'll blow up like a balloon since I can still use salt (thank goodness for salt!) Believe me, it hurts when I watch my sugaraholic husband eat sweet rolls and See's candy. And it's nice that I can have unlimited butter, but I'm still looking for creative things to put it on since I can't have toast. But overall I'd say--get this book, it may change your life.

    It changed mine. I can eat sunflower seeds again!