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Kimberley Aboriginal Medical Services Council Research - Kimberley Aboriginal Medical Services Council (KAMSC) is a health resource body for a group of independent community controlled Aboriginal health services in the Kimberley region of Western Australia.


Country: Oceania, AU, Australia

  • M. E. Haustein - Absolutely enthralling!Mesmerizing reading, delivers you right into the 16th century, where you will find yourself surrounded by a cast of historical characters that live and breathe and make their inevitable way into the predicaments that eventually undo them. Wonderfully written, sophisticated language, dense and rich and extremely entertaining. I can hardly wait for the third book!
  • ShopaholicBelle - It worksI have been using this just about every day for about 5 years. Start with small doses and you will work your way up to a larger dose over time, so if it doesn't do it's job try adding a capsule to your intake. It helps me feel better and maintain my weight. I really recommend it.
  • Linda M Bolyard - Loved this book!Dr. Phil's advice given in this book helped me to break off two "baiter/taker" relationships that were a huge stress in my life. After reading his reasons that these types of people aren't healthy for you, you have a choice - continue to let them use you or set a hard boundary that says "ENOUGH!!!!" Then move on to healthy relationships. I have always been taught to love everybody but many people will try to abuse you if you LET them! No more!
  • Erin Lonsford "Erin" - I love my KindleI got the kindle for christmas and I love it. It is really cool. I think it is better than buying books at a bookstore its cheaper. You can read books in the sunlight and it dont even hurt your eyes. I already have 5 books on it and I plan on adding more. It takes less than a minute to download a book on to it. This is the best thing I have ever owned. You can also make the print bigger.
  • Romenoff - Surprisingly Good for the priceLike everyone else, I want to be able to hold my phone at eye level in the car while driving. And like everyone else I probably have one holder for each phone I have bought in the last 5 years.
    So we saw this being advertised on TV, and as both my wife and I are really getting value out of the "Waze" App for Navigation, I thought I'd get two. They are pretty cheap compared to other holders and it would tide us over until we found the right one.
    It arrived (and that did seem to take forever, so check the delivery dates from the various sellers!!) and we were really impressed with the quality of the whole item. It is made of strong plastic, has smooth edges, does not rattle on the road and the gel works just as it says in the Advert, etc. Very impressed actually.
    Plus when I change my phone I can still use it, unlike the other holders I have stashed in boxes around the house.
    This is actually one of my favorite buys, due the price vs quality equation and I use it every day makes me feel I got a bargain.