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  • Marina - Fits my delicate handsI found all of these hulking "man" pens to be so cumbersome that I've taken to writing with my feet for the last seven years. Imagine my delight when, while searching for some feminine hygiene spray, I happened upon this pen! It's everything I've ever wanted. My only complaint is that the ink is black - although it matches well with my LBD and pearls, it masks the fact that I have a vagina. It does, however, come in handy when signing my husband's name - for example, on birthday cards to relatives, credit card receipts (of course, only with his permission!) and "surprise" bouquets that he sends me on our anniversary when I call the florist and order them. What a wonderful gift this is to all womankind!
  • msmithunr - It was time.I was still running Windows Vista on my HP Touchsmart PC. I was worried that I would lose the Touch Smart software when I installed Windows 8. Well, I was correct but the Touch Smart software was there so the user could perform tasks via the touch screen. With Windows 8 being designed for tablets and touch screen PC's I don't even miss the software I lost. I was able to download Windows Media Center from Microsoft for free with some promotion they were having and I absolutely love it.
  • Bill Sims "ADDreader" - Bleak, dark and amazingFor the life of me, I can't understand all of the 1 star reviews. There is absolutely no call for a work this powerful to be given a review on par with the worst tripe available. Even if it didn't suit the readers particular taste, to not be able to identify this as a substantial work of literature is to show exactly how bitter readers can be at the success of a true master.