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  • Thomas Clagett - Excellent deal!

    I was looking to replace my home theater system one piece at a time to reduce cost (college student). This sub caught my eye because a similar Sony sub was back-ordered through Best Buy and was twice the cost. This item was classified as "refurbished", but it looks and works like a brand new sub. The apartment living room is about 250 sq. ft., so this sub is a nice fit.

    Also, I was impressed with the fast shipping and up-to-date tracking.

    Overall, I am extremely pleased with this product.

  • Curdog - Samsung Galaxy Tab2 (10.1-inch)

    This was my first tablet and I picked it up from Amazon Warehouse Deals. Was leery about this type of purchase from Warehouse Deals but it was as described and in great condition. Got it up in running in five minutes. It downloaded an upgraded operating system (took a while) and operates just like the Tab 3s I have viewed, only a bit slower. Great screen and easy to learn operating system. Have downloaded several free apps and easily set up my home and work emails. Overall works great. No complaints. I added a case with keyboard and find it much more versatile that the Netbook it replaced.

  • David M. Petersam - A masterpiece that leaves no stone unturned

    This book, now in its 16th edition, is a comprehensive review of the new MCAT and provides strategies, preparation ideas, and sample questions to help you study. The full-color illustrations are aesthetically pleasing and accurate. I love the book's organization, which clearly shows you just what you need to know as well as what information is optional to learn. If you only purchase one book for your MCAT study needs, this 952-page book is the one.

  • ixion "ixion" - Roomy golf bag, lots of features

    I replaced my 10 year old bag with this one and wow, what a difference.

    This bag is made of high quality materials, the zips seem to be of high quality. Everything is accessible from the front of the bag making it ideal for the riding cart. This bag is NOT made to carry, it's way too big for that. The individual club wells work very well at isolating the clubs and makes inserting/removing clubs a breeze. The putter well is really cool and works. There is a huge cooler pocket for beer/food that is lined with waterproof material and insulation to keep things cool, it works really well, it's the largest cooler I've seen in a golf bag. One concern I had was whether the side pocket would fit my golf shoes, and I'm happy to say there is no problem at all, plenty of room.

    I went to a golf store to look at it before ordering it here, and compared it to the Nike Tour Cart 2 and Sun Mountain C-130 bags and chose this one, mainly due to the design of the stadium top design and the larger cooler section.

    - nice stadium top design
    - individual club wells
    - dedicated putter well
    - tee holder
    - nice velour pocket for cell phone
    - all pockets front accessible
    - HUGE cooler section
    - enough room for shoes in side pocket
    - nice grab handles
    - velcro for drying your glove on the outside of the bag
    - umbrella holder
    - stands up and stays upright even when fully packed

    - none really, except it can get a bit heavy which is expected from a cart bag

  • Carol J. McAmis - Really works!

    I immediately felt better the first day I ate on The Plan! All kinds of aches and pains just disappeared, I was more than satisfied, not hungry or craving sugar and salt. Day 2, when I added almonds, all the aches and pains came back! Who knew one of my fave foods was causing my problems? When I took the almonds out on Day 3, I felt better again. After 6 days, I was down 5 pounds and my pants were falling off. This "chemically based" eating plan is excellent.

    I started out with the Kindle version, but found it rather awkward to switch between the actual plan and the recipes so I got a physical copy, too. The book doesn't have a grocery list so I made lots of trips back and forth to the store before discovering that they have a couple of shopping lists for the for the first seven days on the website and a really helpful guide for cooking the first three days worth of food in 75 minutes, too. Otherwise, this is an effective system for eating for your life.