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  • Patrick W. Crabtree "The Old Grottomaster" - Superb for mole, chigger, roach, and cicada reduction!

    I placed this intriguing figure in my Grotto and *peace* has prevailed ever since! Neither creatures of this world such as roaches, chiggers, cicadas, moles, ospidillos, Tasmanian devils, hornets, fleas, lice, millipedes, nor any of the otherworld (a *big* issue in my Grotto!) such as hob-goblins, orks, trolls, leprauchauns, or wood elves have plagued me since I did so.

    I have had no problem interactions with Klingons for the past year or so as they are focused right now on battling the Romulans near the Twin Star Centaurus and, with that in mind, I'll have to stand by to see how it works on them. They are sure to attempt a return to my Grotto, assuming that the Romulans don't extirpate them in the current conflict which would be just fine with me.

    The only thing I've noticed is that the arachnids were not affected one way or another by this particular figure but to eliminate all those previous nefarious critters, I think that $2,500.00 is a perfectly reasonable price to pay for near-complete relief. Plus, I bought a can of spider spray at the local feed store for $1.59 and that took care of my singular final concern.

    So... *happy customer* here!

    Highly recommended!

  • mzjensgoodfinds - Love this stuff!

    I received a free sample from Smiley360 of this cold sore medicine to try and tell all my friends about! I love trying new things and was especially excited to try oragel since I already like the medicine for tooth aches. This was just as good. I get a few cold sores a year so I was glad to get medicine to help!

  • karrieal - This book saves lives!!!!!!!!!!

    I am appauled at people making fun of this book, or as we call it at my house LIFE SAVER!! Two years ago, before we had this book, my mother, father, and four grandparents were all killed in SEPARATE huge ship accidents. If only we would have had this book sooner. But this review is not a sob story, it has a happy ending, after purchasing HTAHS, I had a very, very close call with a huge ship that came out of NOWHERE! Luckly I now had the skills to avoid the HUGE SHIP! I slowly and calmly stepped aside as it slowly passed me by. If only I had had this book 2 years sooner, my family members would still be alive. I will most definately be passing this book down to my kids, then their kids and further on down the line so never again will anyone in my family be hit by a runaway huge ship, we will be prepared dammit, we will be prepared! Bless you John W. Trimmer, bless you for writing this LIFE SAVER!