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  • Packleader5 - This works!

    I've been sing this or over a year now, and I'm quite abusive to my machines. Once the power head stopped working, and I looked up how to order a new belt. I found it doesn't use a new belt, but a whole new power head. However, a search on You-tube led to instructions on disconnecting and reconnecting the power head to reset the motor. I did this, and have had no further problems. Not a super-heavy-duty machine, but great for my small house! My local laundromat uses the same model for their entry rugs, and also expressed satisfaction with it.

  • Michael Whiteman Jones - An extraordinary, thought-provoking masterwork!

    You may be tempted to dismiss this smart-looking book as another cheap attempt to ride the current wave of hysteria surrounding the global huge-ship crisis.


    Capt. Trimmer covers all the finer points of avoiding huge ships in one handy, tersely written volume. Early chapters like "Staying at Home," "Avoiding Large Bodies of Water," and "Don't Live in Port Cities" cover the basics of avoiding huge ships for newbies, while later chapters such as "Take an Airplane Instead," "Creating Space With Torpedoes," and "Getting a Huger Ship" explore some of the often-overlooked options for preventing huge-ship collisions.

    I can't recommend this book highly enough. Since reading it, haven't had a single bad encounter with a huge ship, and I've reduced my anxiety medication by more than 50 percent.

  • Amelia Gremelspacher - The man wh looked like a murderer

    Cromwell had never understood the comment that he looked like a murderer. He lived in a time we we remember as barbarous, yet
    Vied in his head as a man of reason. We see his life through a modern lens, yet never forget the forces arraigned against him. A man who prided himself on his skill and his culture, he shows us us one of the notorious of times as he twines his way between Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn.

  • J. White - Works Fine

    I installed the product on a 10.7.2 system. The product installed easily and worked without issues. The feature set is somewhat different than Quickbooks on Windows. I installed the R3 update prior to testing. I consistently have better luck with the Mac versions on initial release than the Windows versions. Smooth operation, useful features, and a just plain good user experience.

  • Mary Alice Burns - Lethal Rhythm and Deadly Rhythm

    I have had the pleasure of reading both of these books by Peter Kowey, MD. If you are looking for some fun, entertaining books to read to finish out the summer, these are for you! 'Lethal Rhythm' was the first and 'Deadly Rhythm' followed. Although there are references made to the first book when reading the second, I do not think it is imperative to read them in succession to enjoy them. However, I would recommend reading them in the order written if possible.

    They are easy to read, filled with intrigue, including medical, criminal, and interpersonal relationships keeping the reader wanting to turn the next page. The characters in the books are interesting, yet flawed, like we all are.

    I am eagerly awaiting the third book to be available. I would highly recommend these for great entertainment to round out your summer reading.