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  • The "Lou Dogg" - Not bad for "As Seen on TV" Product...

    This works great. It sticks to by Samsung Galaxy SIII phone and silicone case extremely well. I can shake the thing by the articulating arm and the phone stays put. Not sure why there are all these bad reviews.

    Note: my silicone case is glossy smooth. Not sure how it would do on a matte silicone surface.

    I read the reviews and the drawback is that most people say it doesn't work in cold weather very well. It is summer time in Minnesota so I haven't had a chance to verify that yet.

  • Elle - This product is worth every penny!

    This is my first time ever writing a review on Amazon but I truly believe in this product to be great for my body and a great investment towards your overall health. I first was introduced to G.O.L through the creator's book on a raw diet I was given as a gift while participating in a 3k walk. The book was very informative about raw diets but I found his products pricey and I didn't want to buy it online.

    One day in the Vitamin Shoppe, I came across this product and the store manager was telling me how he did a one month detox drinking only this product and as a result he was able to successfully come off medication for diabetes. I wanted to try it but the price for the gallon was so much for me but luckily Vitamin Shoppe sold individual packets for $4. I bought 5 for the week and I saw improvement in my skin fast. I've been struggling with acne for over 2 years and my boyfriend right away noticed my skin improving over just one week. I had bowel movements regularly and daily and not to mention my energy was high. One night after work, my coworkers and I went out to a hookah bar I was dancing ALL night and I wasn't even drinking lol I had so much energy and I felt great. The moment I ran out I was caught up in school, moving, and work I stopped taking it for about 2 weeks and my acne came back alongside with slight constipation (but I was taking iron pills). I knew immediately that this meal replacement was good because I noticed my body before and after taking it.

    About the taste: the original is a bit nasty but when you're full of energy and your digestive system is improving who cares about taste. I just bought the gallon yesterday and I bought the chocolate flavor. I couldn't taste the flavor with water but today I used organic milk and it tasted a lot better. I will use almond milk next time cause I like the taste better.

    In conclusion, I love this product it has done wonders for my body and I feel great knowing that every single ingredient in this meal replacement is organic and raw.

  • Ijustneedit - No longer a skeptic

    I was at a friends house recently, and we were kinda bored, so he suggested we hit the local bar to hear this band that was playing and maybe score some chicks. Being a music lover, the band part sounded good, but I was never very good with the ladies, and I was feeling kind of shabby looking anyways. I agreed to go but asked if he had a better shirt I could wear. He said he did, and left the room for a few minutes. When he returned, he threw a folded t-shirt at me. A t-shirt? I don't think a plain old black t-shirt was proper bar attire if I wanted to score a chick for the night. I kept to myself though and told him thanks. I went to the bathroom to change a clean up a bit. Then I unfolded the shirt! Holy crap! I can't believe he would let me borrow this! It is one of the most beautiful shirts I ever seen, and suddenly I felt recharged and ready to hit the bar! Immediately upon putting the shirt on, my penis grew longer and thicker and I felt better than I ever had. We didn't even get into the bar, but had just left my buddy's car in the parking lot, and the ladies started to stir. Needless to say, I didn't have to buy any drinks and actually had to tell a few women sorry because I couldn't fit any more in the car to go back to my buddy's place. One of the best nights of my life! I couldn't wait to order my own, now I got 10 of them!