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  • Benjamin Feinblum - A Very Compelling Read and Great Information!The surprise of this book was how well the author captures some very important stories in history. My immediate sense as I read the book was... "Oh! This reads like an adventure novel!" And then, there is great information woven in.

    This is the right book, for the right times we face politically. By understanding our differences, maybe we can find ourselves accepting others and learning how to better work with them.

    This is expert work. Brilliant.
  • A Bride to Be - Vets Best Natural Flea & TIck sprayI would recommend this product to anyone, I already have recommended it to a bunch of people. It makes my dogs scratch less. Not only does it work on the fleas but it makes their coat shiny and makes them smell great. I bought the Vets Best Natural pills too which I am not sure which product works better but as a combo I and my pets are much happier.
  • C. Becher - Love this stroller, here's why...I have the Uppababy Vista which I have used since my now 8month old was born. Great stroller but heavy and large to cary around. When we got a Prius we needed something smaller and I really wanted something easier.

    I went back and forth between this and the City Mini. In the end we chose B Agile for these reasons:

    -Better for a taller person because there is no bar across the bottom for your foot to hit.
    -The fabric is lighter weight and looks nicer
    -The stroller is lighter weight than City Mini
    -Love the canopy and also that it has a mesh peep hole so I can ventilate stroller as well as check on baby.
    -Very easy to maneuver an great in small spaces
    -Can open and close it with one hand while holding baby
    -Reclines to almost flat, can easily change a diaper in it


    -Basket is hard to reach when seat is reclined
    -Can be difficult if you are tall, Im 5'9 and even without the bar across the bottom I still trip over the back of the stroller.
    -Wish there was a bar across front, or even the option to buy one other than a snack tray
    -Wish the handle was adjustable for taller people

    To do it all over again I would have bought this and not wasted my money on the Uppababy. However, the Uppababy can accommodate a doubles kit should we have another child...
  • J. D. Chung "LetsGoRedsox" - Good book to just to keep it, even if you can't make it to ParisVery well written with plain language, I really enjoyed reading it before bedtime.
    This book alone is more than enough to plan ahead.

    One thing is that his free-hand maps are not quite accurate in scale, you may have to read "carefully" before you take a walk/ride. you may also want to bring a map book with you when you go there. I personally recommed knopf.

    To defend rick from clowns below who complain about accuracy of "hand-drawn" maps, they are conceprual maps, period. Let them eat cake and relax, ouch...

    PS) If you also bought Rick steves' france, you've notice that the first hundred pages are, well... obviously, a duplicate of this book. I think this book has a little more detail but it kind of doesn't justify the price. If you want to save a few bucks, go straight to rick steves' france. In that way you have most of this book AND the rest of france. Bon boyage!
  • Ann M. Crawford - A STINGING, YES STINGING, WAKE UP CALLThe texture is wonderful. It applies with ease and spreads well. A little goes a long way. This was a surprise since I considered the price high for the size of the jar. The best was yet to come; it stings so badly it really gives one a wake up call in the morning! Literally, a slap in the face! And the rest, it is mid afternoon and still stinging. What more could I want at seventy-six?

    P.S. I have now decided the best use of it is on my long bones. A New Englander hates to waste money. I am home bound, and returns are so darn hard.