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  • jmac "jmac4219" - Fresh Herbs & Salad Greens Year RoundI now own three AeroGardens. One for herbs, one for salad greens & one for chili peppers. Living in the Inland Northwest with 4 seasons, I can now have fresh herbs, greens & peppers all year. The AeroGarden is very low maintenance and is fast growing. I'm on my third planting of greens, my third planting of herbs and just starting my peppers. Their customer service is the best and I highly recommend this product.
  • Taylor - Awesome Study AidThis is probably the best and most all around useful book for studying in medical school. I didn't really start studying with this book until I was focused on taking boards. I really wish that I had started using this book sooner (i.e. at the beginning of medical school).
  • lori Shimkets - when nothing else worksQuite frustrated with my situation, my husband called my into the room to see an interveiw by Dr. Oz. Lyn-Genet spoke of her work and her accomplishments. I had spent years with gastro-intestinal specialist and still I had weight and digestive issues. I was allowed to eat only vegetables, seeds and some nuts but still no success in weight loss or relief from digestive distress. Then I read and followed the plan. My weight is dropping but most importantly, I have no more digestive or intestinal distress. Even my arthritis pain has lessened and life is so much better.
  • ReesiCup "Passionate about books" - Love this story...I think Terri McMillan is at her best when she tells life stories. Stories about everyday folk, real people making the best of difficult times. It is amazing how she captures the intricacies, the complexities of being human. I have read all of her books, but my two favorites are Mama and A Day Late Dollar Short. Now I can add Who Asked you? Her main characters in all three of these books were strong, shoot it from the hip, but love their families to death kind of women. The kind we grew up with and the kind I hope to be...Betty Jean is my favorite character in a host of 'em in this story. She was real, she was beautiful, she was stronger than she thought and smarter than she knew....loved it!!!!
  • Donovan Morrow - A New Day for Banana LoversSunday last, in preparation for a gracious gathering of my peers, I was preparing my signature dessert, Bananas Flambé. An untoward calamity claimed my serenity. As per usual, I selected a number 7 cleaver to effect the sectioning. This utensil is not ideal as it tends to bruise the fruit, but one must carry on. The work went apace. Unbeknownst to me, one of the discarded peels had slipped to the floor. The phone rang and as I stood to answer it, my house slipper came down upon the peel. My memory is kind in that the details of what happened next are dim. Cleaver in one hand, I lurched forward, unintentionally chopping off the upper section of the pinky on the other hand. The sudden presence of pain and blood understandably sent me reeling, and that damnable banana peel wasn't done with me yet. Yellow slickness turned my foot, twisted my ankle, brought me down. As my head bounced off the table, I thought "There must be a better way." The paramedic suggested this product, the Hutzler 571 Banana Slicer! I ordered it immediately after my release from the Hospital. I must say, it is quite easy to use, even with a bandaged hand! A boon to Flambé aficionados everywhere.