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  • Susan - One of the Best Crossroads Concerts

    I love Eric Clapton and I am glad there are enough performances by him. The DVD has great music and musicians. I have had an earlier concert DVD of the Crossroads concert, but I feel this one is better period. You receive hours of live music. Nice to see some of the greats like Taj Mahal. John Mayer does "Queen of California" what a wonderful voice he has. Some of the better country singers Keith Urban and Vince Gill do a wonderful rendition of Tumbling Dice. This is a recommended concert DVD.

  • Geo "Real Music Lover" - Funny Man, a life like a jazz tune!

    Respect, respect, respect! You'll come away with it. At the same time schedule a doctors appointment before you read this as you will have a mysterious pain in your side by the end of the book- from laughter---Enjoy-I did!

  • Brice - Getting back into the game for the first time since 1995

    I found my old red/green deck when I was moving and realized that a lot of my friends were still playing so I was looking to get back into the game. My problem was I hadn't played since then. Most of my deck was full of Urza's, Tempest, Mirage, even a few 5th edition. This is the perfect way to get back into the loop for me since all I have right now is my one old deck. You're basically getting all the lands you'll need plus all those usefull accessories for next to nothing, then paying retail for the boosters.

  • Natalie B Salo - Great Purchase!

    We have had our trampoline for almost one year. Considering how hard our children have been on it, I have been very impressed how well it has held up. The net and blue pads are still in good condition. The foam around the poles has ripped from children sliding down the poles. I would definitely buy this trampoline again!

  • christi wells - Truly a miracle!!!

    This stuff isvamazing!! Has changed my life! I can wear any color or fabric shirt without worrying about looking as of ive ran a marathon i would pay $100 for this stuff!! It feels so good to be able to buy a shirt because i like it and it not HAVE to be black! Also no body odor either i dont even have to wear deodorant!! Also only $7 at walmart for a month supply isnt too bad either!! Recommend this prduct to anyone and everyone!!!