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  • ajennice - was there!!!!!I've seen Rush 27 times since presto.. Awesome shows. Live in columbus Ohio and saw them 2 times on the first leg and got lucky and was able to venture to Cleveland to see them for the video. Loved the show. I would bet me and my friend are in the video as we were seated on the floor, end of the first (left) rows, near the center. No one behind us but the audio/visual setups. Could turn around and talk to the camera man.. Will buy 2 copies.. One to be encase in a shadow boz frame with ticket stub and some pics.. and 1 to watch.

    All i hope is this wasn't the last tour we get a chance to seem them on.....
  • Bellablue - My First TabletAfter pouring over reviews for a lot of different tablets i kept coming back to this one so when it was on special i just decided to go for it.It is a nice weight and size for me as i have poor eyesight and needed a larger screen. I can see this one just fine. I never had a tablet before so I am still learning and exploring the possibilities of this little wonder.So far i am very pleased and would recommend this tablet.
  • AKGeek - Great drive just know this about any USB HD over 2TB with Windows Image Backups.Worked great and fast as expected. Installed automatically and is really quiet.

    I bought this to be a backup on a server and also for doing network image backups using Windows 7 Image backup program.

    Windows will not perform a image backup to this drive or any USB drive over 2TB using the native image backup tool included in Windows. This has to do with the cluster size being too large and is not the drives fault. ESATA drives will work just fine for this. To get around this I back everything up to an internal backup drive and sync it with the external. Again this is not a problem with the drive.
  • Maureen M. Agnew - Wonderful readThsi is a really delightfully told tale, going back and forth in time from the early 1960's to contemporary time. The story involves characters who are tenuously connected to each other in real time but strongly in memory. All are humanly flawed, sometimes funny, and generally admirable. Real life occurrences are skillfully woven into the narrative such as the making of the film Cleopatra with Richard Burton. This is a well-told, page-turning tale.
  • Gettysburg Girl - Interesting Take On The Battle - Held My InterestThis is not a dry, boring book - I had a hard time putting it down. You would have to read a multitude of books if you want to know everything that happened during the Battle of Gettysburg, but this one gives you an exciting overview, highlighting General Meade and other generals and officers on both sides. It is a gritty view of perspectives and includes experiences of all tiers of authority as well as enlisted men. The points of view are personal and fascinating.

    Even living in Gettysburg, there is a lot I don't know about the battle. As I said, you would have to read and study intensively to know it well. There are groups who come to town regularly to do just that. From a regular civilian's perspective, I did really enjoy this book. It made my town come alive and you feel like you are here in 1863. It also brought to my attention something I had never before considered occurring during wartime and specific battles - That is the conflicting opinions and rivalry of many officers who should be cooperating but because of personal ambitions, flagrantly disobey orders of superiors, often creating chaos. General Sickles created significant problems for the Union during day three of the battle, creating huge gaps in the line and indefensible positions for his men. He was not the only one. Good decisions and bad decisions were made on all three days. Officers obeyed or they did not. The cost was in lives...thousands of them.

    The book begins on June 28, two days before the engagement here. It describes how accidental this particular battle site was. Each day brings two huge armies closer to the beginning of a travesty of monumental loss. At the beginning of each day of battle, July 1, 2 and 3, there is a map outlining positions of troops. Even though I live here and know those sites well, the maps were helpful. There is only one complaint I had and that is...there is a good deal of necessary jumping back and forth between the two sides. Not knowing many of the lesser officers, it would have been helpful to me to have had a line above the section breaks in the book telling me where I was exactly and with which side - Union or Confederate. After a while, it was easier to figure out, but for quite a good many chapters, I had to discern this for myself from the text and what was happening.

    Overall, a thrilling read, and I would definitely recommend to anyone.