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  • hsreview - This is my husband's favorite kitchen electric!I bought the Sodastream as one of the gifts for my husband for our anniversary. He loves Italian soda or carbonated juices that taste like pop, but that are healthier to drink on a regular basis...and the Sodastream allows him to create his own versions of his favorite Italian sodas whenever he likes! It is a very simple design that easily allows you to carbonate the water and then mix in your own flavors (we had a sample pack of 6 different major soda brands to try out, however he actually prefers to make his own by mixing in juice concentrates). He has even mixed the carbonated water in with margarita or mojito mix (which is usually really strong anyway) to create carbonated cocktails. He absolutely loves this thing...and seriously uses it almost everyday. I just hope the carbonation lasts for awhile so we don't have to constantly buy refills! :)
  • Mary Collis - A large ray of hopeAfter suffering psoriasis for many years and using every potion from the pharmacy and doctor, all having only temporary results, my husband was relieved to find a physician who had written down a practical, balanced programme to beat psoriasis and ecxema. Seeing these skin ailments as coming from within, and one of the body's last attempts to rid itself of toxins, he sees external creams as only controlling symptoms. By means of mostly diet, but also some other alternate methods, this practitioner shows how to rid yourself of toxins that have built up over the years, and how tos top them coming back. The photo results are more than amazing. My husband's condition is not as bad as those in the myriad photos, but he can't wait to be rid of the itchiness and ugly scars. Finally someone has come up with a cure to what medicine can never cure, or even help much. The books is well documented with research.
  • Lorelei's Mom "Ginny" - Great Sun CoverageI love this stroller. I wanted a stroller that could be rear facing so that baby could look at me when we go out on walks. I looked at many strollers that could be converted by removing and reattaching the seat but I am really glad I went with one with a flipable handel instead. I did not consider how useful this would be for blocking the sun. Don't get me wrong, the sun shade is huge and can be pulled all the way down to level of the level of the baby's tray but by flipping the handle bar, my baby can stay under the shade of the bonnet, with her back to the sun, and still be able to see out no matter which direction we walk.

    I have an infant and have only used the Uno in the pram configuration so far. I do have the infant car seat but really prefer to have my baby a less restrictive seat. She seems very comfortable on our walks. This stroller seems to be holding up well after about 24 miles of use outside on sidewalks. I read in reviews somewhere that it was hard to steer when rear facing. You have to swing wider to turn and I kept kicking the wheels as they are narrower by your feet when rear facing. While it seemed awkward at first, it did not take long to get used to. This stroller is definately worth it!