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  • Anthony Lower - Better than the previous in most ways

    Played this last night for about an hour. Instead of a real work out I jumped around from activity to activity. I like all of the new classes they've added. I used Cardio Boxing a lot last game,(lost 45 pounds) and can see I'll be using the Hip Hop and Latin dancing often too.

    The look and feel of this game is jazzed up a lot. The sterile white work out room is replaced by an environment that differs with what you're doing and at least in the classes, it changes as you progress. For example, cardio boxing is plain room with a flat floor when you start, but as you progress, punching bags drop from the ceiling, the ring pops up around you, etc. They're only decorations -you cannot interact with them- but its visually stimulating. That said, I found the stimulation a little distracting and missed a few moves!

    The menu system is different, but not worse or better than what the first game had. I liked the titles of things previously. The titles were more descriptive to me, (Cardio Boxing Silver Part 1 Versus Cardio Boxing Learn it!) but I assume I'll get used to the new naming system.

    I don't get how the initiatives feature works. When you start it, it asks you some questions about your fitness goals then highlights some exercises with flags and suggests a frequency and length of workouts. It told me to workout 30 minutes, twice a week for 4 weeks. But then I was lost. Am I supposed to pick and choose flagged items that add up to 30 minutes? I wish it would just launch 30 minutes of activities one after the other, but maybe I am missing a button.

    I liked how the time and calorie info was presented in the previous version more. In this version instead of square on, it's shown in a front to back perspective that was hard for my old eyes to read at a glance. Also missed is the easy to find "how-many-calories-did-I-burn-today" number. If its in the game other than online in the Yourshape center, then I can't find it.

    But overall, this game is everything its predecessor was and even more. The amount of content is overwhelming at the moment, and I had NO issues with it reading my movements. The differences are something a new player won't care about, and a original YSFE player will get used to.

    === 3 days later ===
    I *think* the program works by just following the flags and doing any combination of the exercises to get to the total number of minutes over all by the end of the time period. For example, it said 30 minutes twice a week for 4 weeks --so thats 2 X 30 X 4 = 240 minutes. I did 27 minutes Thursday and 37 minutes today, so it now if you go back into where the program is set up it shows 64 minutes out of the 240 = about 25% (can't remember the exact number it showed me.) I'd prefer it tell me EXACTLY what to do, because for example, I will probably lean heavily on the cardio (easier for me) and ignore the arm strength training (harder for me) because its so flexible and doesn't force me!

    But I finally tried the boot camp! WOW is all I can say, the first one yesterday was very, very tough but I made it through. Today's was REALLY challenging and I had to give up on several places (5 or 6 times) and then start up again after 20 seconds of rest. I was sweating like crazy, and def breathing hard, so I know its working me out hard. Can't wait to keep doing it till I can make it through without breaking a sweat!

  • jen - Work great

    These pills work great and they are no joke so be ready to go to the bathroom as soon as your done eating! Awesome

  • cyrus "cyrus" - Stunned to see such inane criticism of a legitimate author

    "Reading or hearing those news reports is enough for any Chinese from China or in China to know that book is cooked, there is no need to read the book to know. I wrote my initial review without reading the book."

    It's really not. Talk about shameless!

    How childlike is it RELYING ON NEWS REPORTS and then pretending you have the right to a valid opinion?

    As the grandson of a man condemned and tortured by Maoists, I for one have NOT read Ping Fu's book yet (I am buying several copies). But I like to give her the benefit of the doubt and NOT CONDEMN HER, ESPECIALLY READING THE BOOK.

    Furthermore, even if I disagree with her, I WILL CELEBRATE HER RIGHT TO PUBLISH THIS BOOK.

    Welcome to America, Ping. The good news is your book is published. The bad news is the idiots who didn't even read it can have opinions without any consequence, en masse. But that's also the best part about America.

    Three cheers for Ping Fu for speaking from her experience, and clearly speaking the truth! There's no other reason so many people would ever be so upset.