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  • William E. Fason - Coulter hits it out of the park in this expose of liberal insanity

    Under Bush, liberals loved to remind us that "dissent is patriotic." As soon as Obama was sworn in, dissent became "racist." Coulter made a partial list of the many, many words or actions proving a racist heart in the age of Obama:

    * stating the obvious fact that Obama was helped by his race;
    * running a campaign commercial against Obama;
    * mentioning that Obama's friend Bill Ayers is a terrorist;
    * not voting for Obama;
    * Scott Brown's pickup truck;
    * opposing Obama's policies;
    * using Obama's middle name;
    * demanding to see Obama's birth certificate;
    * arresting a black Harvard professor;
    * being a Republican;
    * supporting the Second Amendment;
    * requesting answers from Attorney General Eric Holder for Operation Fast and Furious;
    * reference to Obama playing basketball;
    * using the term "kitchen cabinet" in relation to a black person.

    When it comes to the issue of race in America, the political left is stark raving insane. Liberals lie to themselves, they lie to the rest of us, and they reflexively smear and seek to silence those with whom they disagree.

    They hate Ann Coulter more than anyone else because her careful research unmasks the habitual deceit of the race-hustlers, so-called "journalists," and various professional racial grievance mongers. Even better, she writes with such wit and panache as to leave the reader doubled over in laughter at just how ridiculous these charlatans are.

    "Mugged" is Coulter's best work to date. If you read nothing else by this writer, read "Mugged."

  • Kia25 - love it

    I like all the nioxin products that I have used. I am an African American woman with Thyroid issues. My hair has grown alot since the use of these products. I stopped the prodcucts after the wonderful results because I went to a doctor and he suggest rogain. I should have never stopped and I am going back. This stuff really works. I got the start up kit and started buying more products after that.

  • William S. Stone Jr. - very readable

    Zealot makes a credible argument that the Jesus of orthodox faith is significantly different from the historical Jesus. This book can be disturbing to orthodox Christians, and could be seen as undermining the authority of the scriptures. Aslan distills non-orthodox New Testament scholarship into a readable form. I doubt this book will be the subject of church discussions. The most disturbing revelation to me was how the New Testament's non-historical depiction of trial of Jesus became the basis of centuries of anti-semiticism. This is not a forgettable book. Though its target is not scholars, it is one that should be debated and argued in halls of academe.

  • clamdigger - Just What I've Been Waiting For!

    Finally a vacuum cleaner that lives up to its own claims! I am a senior citizen and pretty disabled with rheumatoid arthritis, and I have a big black Lab who sheds year round. I have tried any number of name-brand vacuums over the past few years - what a waste of money and hope! A couple of times I literally threw the thing away, I was so dismayed by how poorly it functioned and/or how hard it was to maneuver. I had reached the point where I simply hated to vacuum, hated the whole process and put it off as long as I could - but I also hated having a dusty, dog-hair covered home! Enter (thanks goodness) the Shark Navigator - so lightweight and easy to handle, very powerful up against all that dog hair, really doesn't ever lose suction, effortless to empty, it's even good-looking just standing in the corner - I AM IN LOVE! I would climb up on the roof and sing its praises to the whole world if only I could actually climb! Buy one! You'll agree with me.

  • Laura M. Lopez "LL" - Great product in the long term

    I really like this product. It seems it is regulating my cycles and eventually I will TTC (maybe this month). However I recommend you buy it straight from the seller, as you will get coupons for discounts and fast/free shipping. I have been using this since October and have noticed a great difference in the length of my cycle. In addition, I am not spotting anymore (mid cycle) and my menstruation days have shortened as well.