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  • Kara Lynn Russell - Another delightful book from Kate DiCamilloKate DiCamillo is an interesting author with an impressive record of producing high quality books that are always unique. She never repeats herself and I'm always wondering what she will come up with next. (Although I'm hopeful there will be another Mercy Watson book or two someday.)

    Well after books featuring a dog, a mouse, a pig, a porcelain rabbit and an elephant it is not a surprise that DiCamillo would choose to create another animal star for her book. But who could have anticipated a partially bald squirrel with superpowers?

    Flora, who is well-read in superhero lore, is quick to recognize the making of one when she sees a squirrel sucked up and spit out by a runaway vacuum cleaner. She names the squirrel Ulysses and takes him home where she nurtures his budding superpowers which include incredible strength, flying and the ability to write poetry.

    Not everyone in Flora's family is thrilled that she has decided to play sidekick to a squirrel. In fact, one member of Flora's family may turn out to be Ulysses's arch-nemesis!

    My favorite things about this book were the characters - Flora and Ulysses make some wonderfully eccentric friends - and the perfectly quotable lines such as "This malfeasance must be stopped!" and "What if we are all donuts waiting to be dunked?"

    Flora and Ulysses: The Illuminated Adventures is told in some parts by comic book style sequential illustrations. The illustrations are done by K. G. Campbell and although I reviewed an uncorrected proof provided by the Amazon Vine program in exchange for an honest review and on many pages it was noted that the art was not final, I enjoyed Campbell's soft, whimsical drawings of Flora, Ulysses and the rest of the characters. The comic book sections are a perfect complement to a story about a girl who loves comic books.

    The stories and illustrations worked well together, weaving a funny, quirky story that left me with a few things to think about. I am fortunate to have had the chance to read and review Flora and Ulysses: The Illuminated Adventures before it has been released. I highly recommend it and will definitely be buying a copy for the library where I work.
  • B. Garbe "Former Fat Boys Dot Com" - I love Windows 8 and if you miss the Start Menu it's a small fixWindows 8 is great.

    It's awesome on tablets and has a lot of nice improvements over Windows 7. Some are very small, but performance-wise the computer I built in July 2012 is just that much more awesome with Windows 8.

    I highly recommend Start8 if you want to replace the Start Menu with a classic menu or turn the Metro Menu into a Start Menu style overlay. It's a $4 app that is well worth it. Not really necessary on a tablet or touchscreen device, but I do agree with a lot of the critiques that Microsoft should have left the Start Menu in the desktop version. Or they should buy Start 8.
  • Juliew - Quickbooks ProThank you Amazon for a great price on a product we need to help our business run efficiently. I was almost afraid to update to the new version after I read most of the reviews from this website. I never go by most people's opinions anyway and continued reading reviews on other sites and decided that the product is too valuable a tool to let others sway my view. The download from the cd was SIMPLE... of course I read the manual and all instructions FIRST... (because of the few comments that had been made in some of the reviews.) I have used the updated product for a few days already and have not had any issues. I have found a few new features that I didn't know I could do (not sure if they were on the old version - never found them in it anyway - from 2008)and will be happy not to have so many excel spreadsheets to update everyday. I like that you allow users of a product to rate it and review it and appreciate the opportunity to put in my two cents! I was also thrilled to receive it 4 days before I was expecting it! Thanks again! Julie
  • DKNJ "dsknJ" - Unbelievably funny and acurate! - A must readAnn Coulter has done it again. This book gives such insight into the misguided minds of the liberals in this country. By using facts as well as humor this book is a joy to read. It is frightening what hypocrites Democrats and liberals are.

    Ann Coulter is a true patriot, one who "gets it". She has done extensive research for this book. Instead of just offering hatred and lies as the liberals do, Ms Coulter uses facts that can be checked quite easily. She has a copmrehensive understanding of history.

    This book will make you laugh out loud. It clarifies the anti-American, lying, hypocratic policies of the liberal democrats.

    Thank god for Ann Coulter!
  • Kenaka - Sweet Sweat is the BestI saw a video on youtube that the rapper/actor Tyrese made and he was talking about his workout and he had a sweet sweat stick and said he's been using it for years, i figured it could be a good secret for workouts and absolutely I was impressed, results every time, my body is so much more active. Really could've used this when I used to cut weight for sports.