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  • Sandra L. Youngblood - Llewellyn's Witches' Datebook is a must!I love the Llewellyn date book because they are full of handy information pictures and stories. I get one every year and use it daily to keep track of what i am doing. I love the mention of which full moon it is and the description of them. I use some of the recipes. I love using this datebook to track my year and have probably used this product for at least 10 years.
  • Mn Nurse-mom - Crazy but Genious!! A Must Have!!I was very skeptical about this nasal vac you hook up to a vacuum and use on your infant.. Having worked in pediatrics as a Nurse this thing is a
    Must have! Granted you need to be careful and not use it for more therm a few seconds at a time I can't believe all the thick gooey snot it sucks out. I actually brought it to work and showed the pediatrician and he gave me the Thumbs up!! I don't mind taking it apart to clean it either. It's well worth the few seconds it takes to use and my baby can actually sleep at night! The the Doctor said that is what's going to save me as my baby has been sick non-stop after starting daycare this summer. He has not needed any antibiotics yet because I start using this the minute he starts getting a runny nose! Granted my husband isnt to happy when i fire up the vacuum at 2am but everyone is happy when the baby can finally breath and is able to go back to sleep. I've brought it to work to show my fellow nurse co-workers.. I wish I had a bunch of them as I would sell them myself.. Defiantly deserves 5 stars! This crazy thing is a must have for all you new moms and dads!
  • Kristen Shwen - very happy with purchaseFrom the ages of 2-4 months this was a great toy for my daughter. Now that she can roll over she doesn't play as often because she just wants to turn over. This kept her entertained for long periods of time when we did use it. I think she will enjoy it again once she can sit up by herself, she can then sit and play with the piano.
  • Technomed - Helped me to avoid surgeryUsing Esther's techniques, I went from taking Oxycodone daily to no drugs at all (in just 10 days). I recently realized how bad my posture was and vowed to change it. But here's the key to success: it takes constant vigilance. All day long--and in bed too--I constantly correct my posture; when sitting, walking, bending, etc., I correct myself. Over the weeks, this correction is becoming more second-nature. And except for an occassional twinge, I now have no back pain. Although my MRI shows multi-layer disc compression, her techniques seem to have staved off further damage. I can't say enough good things about Esther's book and techniques.
  • Dawn Gable - This is the Coolest appliance ever!!!I just got this yesterday and have been non-stop drinking yummy carbonated water.... with a little lime twist... I can't believe how cool this thing is! I recommend it HIGHLY.... I always felt so guilty buying all those bottles...even though I recycled them... NOW I don't have to keep going to the store everytime I run out of water...which led to buying other stuff I didn't need... and now I can drink as much as I want!!! With summer coming.... I will be making lots of carbonated sun-fruit-tea... this iwll be great for stoked!