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  • racheledel - Tested in Europe...worked like a charmOkay, if you looking for a high quality stroller that steers well with only one hand and pushes well with a good amount of storage...look no more. We live in Europe and there are many small roads with cobblestrone streets, narrow walkways, lack of sidewalks. The small elevators and lack of ramps this stroller tackled both. It also fold pretty flat and isn't too heavy to carry.

    I was worried about my 2.5 year old not fitting too well (we borrowed my friends city mini) and I think he has more room in this stroller (foot and head). Also it seems like the actual seat (where his butt sits) and where his feet rest is a bit deeper than the mini. To be honest the strollers are almost identical, but I do think this is easier access to under storage (especially with the zippers). I didn't think I'd use the front zipper so much, but I love it! In fact, the storage on the bottom is so large my 2.5year old slide though the front access and into the bottom storage. So maybe the Britax is better. I also borrowed My other friend's sit and stand...that was okay, but the kids couldn't recline and it was a bit harder to steer.

    We tested it with our four month old (18lbs) and 2.5 year old(36lbs,37inches) over cobblestone streets and it handles SO well. It didn't get stuck it made it all the turns. It didn't pull too much in one direction over the other and the front access storage was handy. There was also a good amount of storage in the back zippers. It did pull a little bit with my 36lbs son there all by his self. I didn't go and try to shop aroung clothing racks because doing that with two kids is pretty crazy anyways, but it's about the width of a very large man.
    double everything (canopies, zippers, front seat access, reclining
    Seperate seats ( almost full reclining, hoods,less pestering)
    Easy smooth steering (can be done with one hand)
    Fits in small space
    thin folding
    good quality everything (should last a long time)
    When my 2.5 year old grows four more inches we'll see how well he fits the but he has some more time

    No cup storage for anyone (must buy seperate)
    Collapses fast and does slam to the ground
    Two hand close
  • LOLamonster - Metersticks of the FutureThis is currently my 14th year in teaching, and I teach in a school that is not well known for its academics or "school spirit." We have multiple drug busts a week, and there has never been a class where all of my students are present. So I asked my boss to help me find a way to keep these lazy high school students in line. After researching a few methods and products, we finally came upon the solution in the most unexpected of places: FOX News. We watched as police officers doused the protesters in pepper spray, and decided it couldn't be so bad. Now, whenever my students don't do their homework, I make them sit on the floor and hold up a sign reading "I don't need to do do work" as I walk past them and give 'em a good old pepper spraying. The school reasoned that it doesn't count as bodily harm, because after all, it's just a food derivative. Basically, I'm feeding the kids! At first, I had to make over 20 signs in order to get all the kids, but now, I rarely have one person up there. I'm sure my law-enforcing friends would be proud.
  • Christian Pineda - Very Helpful book for ChristiansMy Review won't be long, but I encourage every Christians following God's path to righteousness to read this book. It is a really great book and it really help us with our Spiritual walk with Christ. The way Joshua Harris write the book was simply moving and it really helped me changed my views as a Christian. I was able to change my relationship with other people and also with God. Thank you so much for this book and God Bless bro.

    Christian Pineda