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  • J. Rossow "drfrink24" - Amazing Cable at an amazing priceI ended up using this cable to connect my PC to my LAN, and soon realized I wasn't dealing with any ordinary Cat5 cable. I had seen the date and time change on my taskbar, which was quite odd, but timed with the use of this cable. I then noticed that various news and websites also showed this incorrect time and date. A few minutes had passed as I checked my cache, my router, and anything else I could think that would cause this odd behavior. Finally it dawned on me, the Denon AKDL1 was transmitting information faster then time itself! Amazing!

    What is even more amazing, is that it appears to be accelerating. Yesterday (4/23 16:30hrs, when I posted this review) the time offset was about 24 hours, now the offset appears to be 36 hours, and increasing. Soon I'll be able to read news events from our distant future.

    Anyway... I fully recommend this cable. $500 is a small investment to what your equity investments will look like in only a few months.

    Oh, a few last things:

    Somalian pirates turn out to actually be tied to Greenpeace
    Karl Rove goes on a rampage and kills 11, including himself
  • Joel S. Teig "tigertoo" - Natural intestinal helpI have had terrible intestinal troubles with flatulence, cramping and episodes of severe long term constipation for the past 20 years. By the suggestion of my gastroenterologist at the Mayo Clinic, I began taking Align in early February, 2009. What a change! My days are more comfortable, might nights are more relaxed and I feel better about myself.

    A great natural medication to reverse the effects of a bacterial imbalance in the intestines.
  • 3kidslater - Wish I had bought this one first!I spent $99. on a Kaplan disc that "guaranteed" that my daughter's ACT score would go up 5 to 7 points. It went up only four points. I used that on two kids and neither one broke the 30 mark. I got this one and wish I had gotten it instead of the Kaplan or at least WITH it. Just reading the first few chapters gave more insight into the ACT and what and what not to do than my Kaplan disc did. I have a lot more hope for a 30 plus ACT score for my youngest child using this book. Wish I had bought it sooner.
  • Brass Monkey - Easy to useQuick and easy software to help small business owners keep track of their expenses. While you don't need to have formal accounting training in order to use this program, it probably wouldn't hurt to have access to a real accountant if you're completely without experience. We thought we were doing a good job our first year until it was tax time and our CPA made us aware of possible problems/issues that needed to be resolved (by no means a result of the software having been faulty; just improper use/understanding of its use on our end). It took a good couple of weekends for us to get everything straightened out and we did end up hiring an accountant for a few hours just to help give us some guidance and direction moving forward. Still use QuickBooks to date and satisfied with it.
  • Satthy - Awesome Lotion!I am an avid tanner, and I've used several different lotions and this is one of the BEST. It gets me very dark after one tan, and the "steamy" feeling is really refreshing and not burning like tingle lotions. I am not sure if it actually gets rid of toxins, but it feels like it does. I highly recommend this lotions, and I am so happy I gave it a try. This is a hidden gem of the new DS lotions.