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  • Terry E. Stanley "a curious mind" - Good Basic guide

    Took a family vacation to Disney World and ordered this book to help plan it. This book was not too big to pack in our backpack and we pulled it out several times to get information on the Disney parks. We used a Disney Vacation plan so alot of the basic getting around and to and from the park was taken care of by Disney (would recommend this as Perfect way to do Disney). This book was invaluable in planning out each day at the parks and helping deicide where to eat. inexpensive and good guide.

  • Christian Review of Books - --

    Shauna McAllister wakes up from a coma with a six-month gap in her memory. Some things she remembers clearly--that her father is a senator making a bid for the White House, that she hates her stepmother. But who's the guy claiming to be her boyfriend? What happened to her brother? And what was she looking into before the car accident? Something . . . something dangerous. Something that will get her killed if she remembers.
    She may not remember Wayne Spade, but she likes him immediately and leans on him to get through the first trying days after waking up. But when a kiss leads to a startling vision, Shauna begins to wonder if the drugs her father's pharmaceutical company is giving her are really as benign as they claim. She can't just leave her memory loss alone--but the more she discovers, the more she wishes she could. Dark secrets hover just beyond her mind. And unfortunately, she now has the ability to uncover them.

    Kiss is a riveting, thought-provoking nail-biter that I did not want to put down. I carried this book around with me until I'd flipped the last page, thoroughly engrossed with every nuance, every twist, every discovery. Suspenseful from first to last, I also adored the love story woven into it--one just as unexpected as Shauna's new, mysterious ability.

    I hadn't read anything by Ted Dekker before, but I had high expectations when I picked up Kiss. He and Erin Healy met and exceeded every one of them. The writing was superb, the plotting wonderful, and the characters exceptionally well developed. They were the kind of flawed, complex people that you may not like on every page, but whom you root for with enthusiasm as they progress into true heroes and heroines.

    The faith theme is understated but beautiful, introduced by a minor character and touched on by Shauna throughout. For those easily offended, beware of a single phrase at the start of chapter 7 that uses "hell" as an expletive. It's well placed, and I had no problem with it, given the situation and voice, but the more sensitive reader might not appreciate it.

    Overall, Kiss rockets to the top of my list of excellent books. My first foray into Ted Dekker's work definitely won't be my last.

  • Emma Steed "ruminator" - Acutely observed

    Many moments are so acutely observed, and Oliver Cromwell's passage through court and country so rapid, you feel as though you are reading a dream. One highly vivid scene segues, sometimes surprisingly, into a different location, a different set of characters. Perhaps this was intentional; our flitting mortality amplified.

  • rppatenaude - Complete Runner's Log

    I have been purchasing this Runner's Log for approx. 30 years (started out compiled by Jim Fixx, then changed to John Jerome, now Marty Jerome). My children used to buy it for me. Now I buy it for myself, and its always been the same superior quality that I've come to expect. And the price is right!

  • Julia Angeletti - Great Product

    My face was a mess about a year and a half ago. Regardless of what product I tried, nothing would get rid of my breakouts. At 30 years old, I thought pimples were a thing of the past!

    I happened to find Exposed online and it had great reviews. I have been a customer ever since and my skin is so clear now. Even if I get an isolated pimple, it heals quickly. My skin feels fresh, moisturized and evenly toned. I would recommend to anyone! Oh, and make sure you follow the instructions/steps - it makes a difference.