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  • Freudian Slips - Invaluable advice for prospective students and their parentsI work at a college, and whenever I read books or articles about upcoming trends and the future of higher education these days, the phrase "fasten your seat belts it's going to be a bumpy ride" comes to mind. And this book offers further proof that higher education is indeed in for turbulent times. For the most part, until recently colleges and universities had been spared much of the turmoil facing other industries, but a series of perfect storms--a weak economy with little job growth, cuts in federal and state funding, tighter family budgets, fewer qualified students, decreasing endowments and gifts from alumni, not to mention new competition from online resources--descended on colleges and universities.

    Jeffrey Selingo, an editor for the Chronicle of Higher Education has observed these storms developing over the years and conducted interviews and research to learn more about it from the inside. The result is a very broad, comprehensive, and insightful book that investigates the various issues confronting higher education and ultimately ends with a huge question as to where it will all go. It is clear that some colleges will survive unscathed, although even the mightiest (Ivy leagues, for instance) have been and will be changing with the times.

    What is particularly interesting about this book, and what takes it beyond a comprehensive overview of interest primarily to those who work in higher education, is his ultimate concern for the consumer: the parents, students, and others who will be investing in the product of a college education. Selingo expresses much concern for the consumer, noting that the colleges have been gathering information on the prospective students for years and that they know their prospects much better than any prospect knows them. He makes a strong case for due diligence and strong research related to college choice.

    The last section of his book contains a very helpful checklist for investigating any school you're considering for the potential return on investment. To his credit, he doesn't merely place a monetary value on the investment as in seeking the major that will result in the highest paying job. He acknowledges that students can pursue a variety of majors and still receive a strong return on investment. He recommends looking more broadly at several factors and strategically planning a college career that may take into account classes at a community college or online, rather than just a traditional 4-year residential school.

    He looks at the quality of the education and experience--and is not distracted by fancy climbing walls or other features that can lure young learners. Some of the areas he recommends you investigate include the mobility of credits, the academic rigor, how technically-savvy the school is, the preparation provided for future careers, financial aid, and the overall financial health of the college.

    This book is thoughtful, well-written and researched and interesting to read. It should be required reading for leaders in higher education and can be invaluable to parents and others who will be paying for such an education in the near future.
  • xo2elliottxo - couldn't believe it..I received my bottle 3 days ago. I've been taking 3 tablets about 30 minutes before I think I'm going to eat and all I can say is that it really does work! I've lost 2 lbs already and it has definitely curbed my appetite. I also heard about this product from Dr. Oz.
    I recommend this product for sure!
    Thanks for reading!
    From a small town missouri girl :-)
  • todd kennebeck - Best phone I've ever ownedBetween my wife and I, we have had a SG3, Iphone 4s, and now the lumia 920. The Lumia 920 in our opinion is the best smartphone out of the three. The Iphone 4s is now a toy for our son and we sold our sg3 back to get another Lumia 920. If you are contemplating choosing out of one of these three phones (I'd say to even include the Ihpone5 into the list since I don't see many upgrades from the 4s) that we'd choose the lumia 920 and we think that you can't go wrong.
  • pabuehle - Great Sade Blu-Ray - Like re-living the concertDefinitely worth buying if you like Sade. Especially if you went to the concert. We went to the concert in Phoenix and it was fantastic! I spoke to friends across the country and word-of-mouth was that this was one of the best concerts of the year - even for those years younger than us (we are mid-forties.) Saw some criticism on the number of cuts/edits. I did not believe these to be excessive. It seemed about right to me. The beautiful sets translated very well to Blu-ray. I own numerous concert discs and this is one of the best. Highly recommended!
  • jude234 - Femininity FOUND.I've always struggled. With my femininity. You know, I watched all my friends settling down and having babies and teasing their hair and rejecting their body hair and I thought, how do they do that? All I could do was get a degree and work in a variety of interesting environments while drinking beer and driving a truck.
    Something was missing. I couldn't figure it out. I tried other products. I bought some sparkly lip gloss, and it felt like a hot ember in my pocket. I couldn't wait to throw it in the bin. I bought impractical clothes out of non natural fibres with ludicrous, inconvenient ruffles and sequins. They stayed in the closet.
    Then one day - BAM! Pens. Girly, pastelly, silky smooth pens. After writing a couple of serial numbers in the warehouse, a change shimmered over me like in the little mermaid I skipped out of there like Julie Andrews on acid and went and threw on a dirndl and settled down with that nice boy from high school.
    Sold the truck, bought a daewoo matiz.
    I now know all about Kate beckinsdale, Kate Middleton and Kate Winslet from my ginormous collection of magazines. I can impersonate Kim Kardashian on my husband's motorbike. I've even developed an eating disorder!

    Thank you bic! You found my missing ladyhood!