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  • malik - this product is really usefulThis product is asteroid alternative, after I swallowed this thing I got huge muscles in 2 days like hulk and I can fwalk on walls and my friends saw laser beam coming out from my eyes and last night I decide to jumpe and my head hits the moon, but this product has some side effects like 24/7 erection lol
  • Cissa Black - Looking for a better way to relieve chronic constipation?I have a severe shoulder injury that cannot be improved with surgery or physical therapy, I have tried. My doctors have turned to various painkillers instead, these work to a certain degree, but the worst side effect is the constipation. I can't help being blunt, anyone who has been on opiates for a period of time has probably experienced this. The Haribo Sugarless Gummy Bears can apparently cause diarrhea if you eat more than 15, for example (YMMV). They are a godsend for me. They taste great, they are SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper than all the medications to relieve the constipation I have been given (both prescription and over the counter), and more importantly, they actually work. I am a normal person if I eat 25 of these in a sitting every day. I have told my pain doctors about this and they are now recommending this product to all their patients. They really are yummy, particularly the pineapple ones.