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  • James T. Anabo "Karzai" - Macho and elegantThis jacket really looks good and people who happen to notice it will feel a great deal of the need to ask where it was bought. And at $36.00, this jacket is a steal. it is durable, almost water resistant, and most of all, it is almost too exotic that you would wonder whether it is a jacket or a suit when left opened.

    I liked it so much, I bought another one. It is available in 3 other different colors but the black is the best one. The other 3 colors look like a joke to me.
  • K. Lowery "kmlow" - Working for me for my SIBOI have been on this diet for 3 weeks now and haven't felt this good in 5 years. I was diagnosed 3 years ago with SIBO after 2 years of test after test. I went through 5 rounds of antibiotics. That finally relieved my pain but over the last year it has returned. So this time I am opting for the dietary treatment with BTVC and the SCDiet. It is a strict diet but doable. And to have relief from the pain and bloating it is worth the restrictions. I definitely recommend this book for anyone who wants to try heal their intestinal health through diet. Oh and SIBO isn't listed as a condition this book with help but I have heard that this is what Elaine was describing as the vicious cycle by a doctor who specializes in SIBO.
  • Shamyl - Is it worth the money? YES!If you're looking to improve on your love life then I would definitely invest in this book! It can be of use to any woman of any age because he guides and informs you on what you may be doing wrong in your love life, and how we can change that to get results! I can honestly say I've seen a dramatic difference in my own and I've met some extremely wonderful men after using this book to my advantage. Except this time around, I'm not settling for less, I'm getting the guy I want! I also enjoy how in most of the chapters there is a link to a video! Super helpful! Sorry guys, we have finally found our secret weapon in dating, and it's Matthew Hussey's book "Get the Guy"!
  • Bob Feeser "" - Considered by many to be the best drafting software.AutoCAD LT is the younger brother to AutoCAD the full blown version that utilizes AutoCAD LT features but with 3D. A lot of design engineers use Google Sketchup as a quick and easy way to render new designs in 3D and then create their finished products in AutoCAD. That is one disadvantage to the LT version it is only 2D. I wrote an extensive review on AutoCAD LT 2011. 2012 has seen a lot of improvements in ribbon speed, startup times, and the new auto-complete command entry feature saves more time because all you need are the first few letters of a command name and a list appears. Content Explorer is also new enabling you to search for local content locally or on your network.
    One big advantage to AutoCAD LT is that you are working in true DWG file format enabling you to co-creaate with others. With the AutoCAD WS web and mobile application you can edit online, being able to share and connect from a web browser or your mobile device.
  • Amazon Fan - Brewing weak coffee in 2 streams? Fixed with a toothpick!It's not the brewer's fault, not entirely anyway! Some of the Vue packs have extra air/pressure in them and that is causing the unit to over-tear the foil when it's inserted. If your Vue pack is puffed up at all (not totally level across the top), poke a small hole in the center of it with a toothpick, press gently to release the extra air/pressure and then insert it. Ta-da, problem solved!! You will notice that it is once again brewing the single stream, rich coffee that you love. I learned about this by reading some of the reviews posted here. For some, it appears to be an altitude problem, however, it is apparently not limited to altitude. We live in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

    Now that we have figured this out, we love this machine again. We have purchased and returned several single brew units over the last few years and are finally very happy with this one. 8 ounces, brewed on the strong setting, tastes exactly like strong drip-brewed coffee. Yes, the pods are a little expensive but I wait until they are on sale at Kohl's, and I have a 20% or 30% off coupon, and then stock up. Tully's French Roast is amazing. The pricing on Keurig's site is also very competitive but I have not yet ordered from there. In the long run, I believe we will save money because of no wasted coffee. To make drip coffee strong enough for our tastes, we always had to brew a minimum of 6 cups (even if we wanted only 2) using at least 5 standard scoops, in a cone shaped filter machine. In my opinion, flat bottomed filter brewers are a joke if you like good coffee. Anyway, that tells you how strong we like our coffee. So, when I say that the Vue brews good, strong coffee, it's legit.

    I also cannot tolerate coffee that is not extremely hot. This machine does that very well too. At the highest temp (197 degrees), it is nice and bubbly hot, even without preheating your cup, which is something we always had to do with our Cuisinart drip machine.

    So, buy this machine, grab a toothpick just in case, and enjoy hot, strong, drip-tasting coffee from a single brew machine. Finally!