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  • Terri Siler - This is amazing!I love, love, love this latte machine. If you use starbucks coffee, your latte will taste the same as if you ordered it in the store! My daughter makes the carmel machiatos and they taste the same. I have had this for 1 week and we have just about paid for it. I find myself having a couple of double lattes a day. Just love them. I had given up starbucks because I was tired of paying 5.00 bucks for a venti latte. You will love this machine!
  • M Mitchell "Marita" - The Love of my Life!My Kindle Fire is the love of my life. I honestly believe that it is the best tablet on the market. It can do everything I need for a fraction of the price. I have owned a Kindle for 3 years, but my Fire is relatively new.

    As far as reading goes, my favourite new feature is XRay, which allows me to look back over the book at a glance. I Also love now being able to see all the content in a book, including graphics and photos. Of course I can also listen to a book, with or without earphones. I even use a Hypnosis App to help me go to sleep.

    However, the Fire is about so much more: games, apps, magazines, YouTube, the Internet and everywhere that it leads to. It stays charged for many hours and is so easy to navigate. I can't imagine life without it.

    Living in South Africa, I am delighted with all the new access we have been given since July, but we still can't access Prime, Movies or borrowing books. But this is only a small disappointment, when everything else works so well.

    My most favourite thing to do on my Fire is using knitting patterns, which I can enlarge for my elderly eyes, and it stands beautifully on its very clever cover!
  • S. Felix - Not a Typical Self Help BookI have read numerous self-help books and few, if any, had a lasting impact on my life. I read the Introduction to "8 Steps..." in a coffee shop while waiting to be served and applied some of the simple principles on the drive home. I experienced back relief immediately. Next day I bought "8 Steps..." and have applied simple steps as I go through each day... driving, walking, sitting and sleeping. My back hasn't felt this comfortable since 1989.
    There is no secret... just compare Ms. Gokhale's picture of the average American spine published in a 1920 medical journal with the spine published in a recent medical journal. We've been taught incorrect posture. Ms. Gokhale has merely looked into history and observed cultural changes over the years to identify the cause for our back pain.
    Her solutions are simple to apply (and our own backs will remind us to apply the principles of "8 Steps...").
    This is not hype... it works. If you have any back pain, buy this book.
  • More wine, please - Best baby carrierThis is the most comfortable carrier I've ever worn. Nice padding on the shoulder straps makes this very comfy to wear for long periods of time. The baby seems to like it too. My only complaint is that the arm holes seem really high for an infant to be able to put their arms through. My 2 month old sits pretty low in this and her arms just stick out the sides. Overall this is an excellent carrier and one that will last a long time-especially with the various carrying options. Love it.
  • James Ondricek "Nurse2" - Office the way it should beThis works perfectly on my MAC. Thanks for bringing the software I use every day at the office, home to my family. Everything works just as good on MAC as my PC at work. Kids can do their homework on it and there is no difference that I have found yet. I highly recommend and the price is great also.