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  • D. Rotenberg - wonderful and insightful bookThis book is a follow up to David Schnarch's previous book Passionate Marriage but is much better written.The contents of the book are thought provoking and when his "4 Points of Balance" are understood, they can be applied to much more than marriage and sex.This book is easy to read, and can become a major breakthrough in one's approach to life as well as relationships.I would very much recommend it.
  • jc114 - The only acne treatment system out there that worksI've tried for a long time to find a product that clears up acne and keeps acne away. I've tried Proactiv and Skin ID, I've even dabbled with so called home remedies, but none of these items could keep acne away. Proactiv would clear up my skin but sure enough acne would come back up - not to mention this product bleached everything I owned, more or less. Skin ID, I don't know why I even bothered - it was a good sales pitch but there wasn't even a single positive result from using this product. I heard about Exposed and decided to give it a whirl since I really had nothing to lose at this point. Ever since I started, I haven't looked back. This system not only gets rid of acne in a couple weeks but actually keeps them away. I've found that taking the supplemental pills really help - not only do I use the facial wash system, but regulating my hormones/facial oil from the inside has shown great results. I HIGHLY recommend this to anyone who's desperate for a system that works, or is in the market for the first time.
  • Northern Shore Rapper - Really long artsy songsThis is the most underated Floyd album and maybe one the most underated albums of all time. It gets better with more listens instead of worse(like The Wall becomes annoying). This album is right up htere with Dark Side and Wish You Were Here. This album reminds very much of classical music, because much of it os instrumental and no song is based on some catchy repetitive hook (which dominates music today). Listen to it a few times before judging it, you'll thank yourself later. Musically as far as Floyd albums go, this album is the opposite of the Final Cut,(minimal synth, little guitar, and very vocally driven), and and lyrically just as good.